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Buildings = symbolize many aspects of spiritual growth and development in the lives of the children of God.

Building in a building = personal spiritual growth and development as it relates to the church body or a congregation?

White Woman = A white woman in dreams and visions symbolizes a church or congregation who is true, pure, righteous and faithful to Christ. In another sense, the woman may be literal

Woman as passenger = supporting role to the ministry etc.

Smiling = speaks of you having favor with that person. This indicates that such a person has your well being at heart. They want you to be well and they will probably do what is necessary to assist you when you experience problems in your life.

Hatcher = Gate keeper


I believe that God is telling me that I need to be careful with my ministry or spiritual growth as it pertains to the local church. My spiritual growth and development may be a bit unstable without solid support or foundation. I need to remedy that by seeking a more solid foundation and structural support. Also there is much more work left yet to continue my spiritual development since basically all that exists right now is a bare basic framed structure. I may find the support help that I need by going through the gate. (Open door?) Be seeking the “gate keeper” (God) for “open gates” or open doors where God might be leading me to find spiritual sources that will help me obtain a more solid foundation and structure support. Even though my wife (smiling white woman passenger) supports me, the local church body may not. I need to be aware of that and not “move around too fast” in the local congregation to keep from causing damage between me and them.