Reply To: Lost The Way



Man = symbolizes a messenger from God with a message from God

Buildings = Buildings symbolize many aspects of spiritual growth and development in the lives of the children of God. A big building with multiple levels symbolizes a large institutional church with departments or the global, national regional or local institutionalized church.

Ladders = speaks of spiritual activities in a ministry or work-related situation which leads to promotion. Symbolizes a positive step-by-step movement, increase or progress upwards or forwards or into the right direction. This speaks of improvement or promotion.

Stairs = Stairs going up speak of promotion.
In another sense, stairs going up symbolizes a person experiencing spiritual promotion by embracing activities and viewpoints founded in new tests or truths or doctrines. These new viewpoints are Holy Spirit inspired and it has a very positive and good inf l uence on such a person.

Perfect Legs = Legs speak of the power and the strength of a person. Your legs enable you to stand and to face life from a position of readiness.
Strong legs symbolize a strong spiritual condition or position of power.

Not knowing the way forward =? lack of spiritual growth

Leading a young man =? Winning souls for Christ


I discussed the night before with a friend by email about me taking an online Christian College course coming up in a month. He tried to discourage me. I believe the following dream interpretation very well may be confirmation from the Lord that I SHOULD take the course. The course facilitator/teacher will be able to lead me in a deeper knowledge of a particular spiritual subject that should help me in leading others to Christ


Someone will come into my life to help direct me with message/s from the Lord. By following that advice or teaching, I will grow in my spiritual walk. I will be steadily growing spiritually, sometimes quickly, sometimes slower but yet still growing. It may be that I will receive promotions in a large institutional church with departments or the global, national regional or local institutionalized church. I will never reach this level of spiritual strength and power by attempting to make it on my own without Godly guidance. By me receiving the proper guidance, I will in turn be able to lead others on the right path