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Firehall= ? A Holy Spirit led Church or congregation?

Fire = symbolizes the purification and the zeal of the Holy Spirit. It also symbolizes the presence and the power of God. It speaks of purifying and testing.

Black Man = symbolizes a messenger (from the enemy or a messenger with his own opinion) with a false message of unbelief or evil or lies.

Smoke = Smoke symbolizes the prayers of the righteous like the smoke that goes up from the Old Testament altars of God.
In a negative sense, smoke symbolizes religious activities of unrighteousness. It speaks of ungodly ways or activities that is of f ending to God.

Number two = (two fires and two firemen) symbolizes agreement and union, witness, testimony.

Car = symbolizes a person’s personal ministry or motivation (life) or natural job or business situation


In my spiritual journey I will be led to an on fire church or congregation. There may be someone who may try to lead me astray or steer me in the wrong direction by false messages or lies against the church. I will need to be careful to offer up the incense of prayer about it in order to be led in the right direction. I should not do this on my own but need to be in agreement with the Lord