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School = speaks of a place of learning. It speaks of the spiritual school of the Holy Spirit and also of the school of life.

Remodeling = spiritually getting rid of the old worn out and broken down spiritual condition and upgrading to spiritually strong, reliable new spiritual blessings

Corn = symbolize blessings, harvest and increase.
It is all about the provision of God.

Gold = gold symbolizes pure holiness and purified steadfast faith.

Rectangle container = ? The number “4” is associated with a square (4 sides). Scriptures also reveal that true Biblical knowledge is fourfold; that you may understand the length and width and height and depth of God’s love. A square in dreams and visions, symbolizes a knowledge or revelation knowledge.

Running = Running is a more advanced and ef f ective way of moving than walking in the kingdom of God. It makes you advance faster and it achieves spiritual results a lot faster than usual.


God may be saying that there is/will be an outpouring of His Holy Spirit on me (mother, paraclete, gold). The outpouring of the Holy Spirit will/is bringing about total change, a spiritual remodeling. There will be increased blessings and abundance (empty corn cans). There being only a little corn still left as in a scattered few kernals indicates not much blessing and abundance will be withheld. Almost the entire contents of the “cans of corn” except a few scattered kernels were used. The rectangular object indicates that the Lord will be/is blessing me through His Spirit with revelatory knowledge. This sounds to me like Holy Spirt gifting of the revelatory gift/s such as words of knowledge and or the gift of prophecy. It appears that my spiritual growth will occur at an accelerated pace