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Brother = The likeness and the character and the relationship between you and this person are emphasized and need to be considered. In terms of relationship, it speaks of us needing to get along with our Christian family because we are family. In terms of character and likeness, it is all about us being like each other because we are all born of God and the same

Lake = water symbolizes the results of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and or financial blessings in our lives. water is the main and primary symbol for either financial blessings or spiritual blessings.

Roof = A roof is a symbol of spiritual covering.

Wall = A wall in dreams and visions speaks of an obstacle that needs to be overcome. It speaks of restraint and/or restriction. In another sense, a wall can symbolize protection by keeping the enemy out.

Fishing = Fish symbolize lost souls being won for Christ. Fishermen on the sea also symbolize souls being won for Christ.

Underwater = ? Being totally enveloped or submerged in the presence of the Holy Spirit

Cave = ? seclusion, shelter, stronghold, hiding place, in a world of the soul, secret place, reclusive, tomb

Two = symbolizes agreement and union

Children = Children in dreams and visions symbolize Christians who are immature and still under guardianship.

Beds = A bed in dreams and visions symbolizes a state of rest or inactivity and even ignorance. This can speak of an inactive situation or period in the spiritual life of a person.

Breathing underwater = It speaks of a person who is spiritually mature enough to handle or face really overwhelming circumstances and situations. They just do not give up and they just persevere until the circumstances or situations change.


There will be a spiritual outpouring for me and other like minded people. God is preparing me/us to be “fishers of men” and that there will be souls won for Him in the ministry. These new converts will be ignorant in the things of the Lord and will need to be mentored until they are spiritually able to stand on their own. The ministry appears to be made up of a small number of spiritually mature people. Initially they will look to me to be the leader and rely heavily on me but God is showing me that I will need to direct them to be more independent and personally responsible for their way forward. If not, then the burden could be too great for me and the way forward for all of us could be hampered. We may not be able to work our calling or ministry out in the open but rather more in an undercover sort of operation. The spiritual walls around us will need to be high and strong to keep the enemy from entering