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Basie Martins

Hi Woodsman,

Snow symbolizes a winter season in spiritual matters or in a person’s life. It symbolizes a time of resting, purification, and preparation for future growth in a new season. It symbolizes a time or a period of inactivity. It also symbolizes a time of watching before a new season or future growth or for new opportunities. So you have this aspect right.

You are also right about the training and preparation as symbolized by attending college. When we are prepared for ministry, it is often a lot different than what we expected. Even when we start our full-time ministry, it is almost always different than what we expected (usually a lot harder and we experience things that we never expected). This is symbolized by you experiencing something else. The holding of your breath may speak of God teaching you to be patient. This is always something that many ministers struggle with when they are prepared for ministry by the Holy Spirit in the School of the Holy Spirit.

Well done, your interpretation was spot-on.