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I think the Lord is really trying to get your attention, since He’s been conversing with you through your night visions. The power within you is Holy Spirit. “Greater is He (Holy Spirit) who is in you, then he who is in the world.” Just like God spoke everything into existence, we to must do the same. The Lord says, “We are to speak the things that are not as though they are.” I think the Lord wants you to believe and trust in Him that when you speak God’s word over anyone believe and trust that God is the One healing and raising the dead to life.
Chanevsg I wrote in a different forum or a different area where I wrote about your husband and the song and the picture on the album but anyway my writing was cut down a lot. I write the truth if someone wants to candy coat it I’m not the one. If this is what they want you to only hear let it be on them. I know what God put in my heart to interpret so if you’re satisfied with this then go no further but if you want no candy coating then go to [email protected] and I will tell you what I got from your dream.