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Well I’m back. I had to so others can see what your dream means. God has given you a visionary revelation (TV flat screen). The enemy is making it impossible for you to hear God (noise from the radio). You’ve been trying to get peace and quiet and do a little bit but it doesn’t last long (radio playing softly and going to parents bedroom for silence). (As you go out the glass door), God is giving you a prophetic opportunity. It’s kinda hard to get because there not enough commitment in God only in a distance, (too many remotes). Your heart is troubled (withered grass) and rightly so, you sense the enemy around, (late afternoon, almost dark, dim lights). (You felt something crawl on you) is the enemy who is moving in your life. Going to your old bedroom in your parents house are past behaviors, in the flesh. Your husband caressing the spider well that’s obvious he is lovingly into his old lifestyle. You’ve been warning him and when you guys go into the bedroom with lights dimly lit your hearts are slowly dimming from God. Since the spider bit your husband the enemy has disfigured his identity. And the audio player on your husband’s phone has cut off his hearing from God. He has paralyzed his face where he can not see God or say anything to Him. Now the album cover to Death Cab for a Cutie is a black raven. This is an evil spirit who hurts others spiritually. You said you woke up to that song from this album with those lyrics which are not good but I can tell you God is always ahead of the devil and this dream is for you to start praying for you, your husband and your house. Get a well seasoned Christian to help you pray against this evil spirit or spirits. This is what God put in my heart to tell you. Bless you!