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This is a bit complicated but I’m going to give it a shot..

The cup probably means the burden that needs to be carried (God allowed the unfavorable situation) because you are married even though it’s your husband’s sin. You have been spiritually crushed (maybe wondering how God allowed you to become a part of this situation) and you will have repercussions of his sin as (indicated by your step father) like anger suspicion struggles of unforgiveness etc but they will only last for a short time (1 hour). The cup is white so there will be victory. The alcohol represents being under the influence of another person or God.
The alcohol is in the white cup so God has this situation, keep looking to Him. He allowed it and He’s in control – keep the faith.
Your husband or others may come to Christ (baby, unknown if boy or girl) through this situation because of your actions and how you handle it (not through divorce, extending forgiveness etc) It’s not your baby but you can feed it and care for it, God gave you the resources.
The dresser represents how prepared you were for this situation, it is broken (you were not prepared) perhaps blindsided and you struggle with your unpreparedness.
It also appears there are outside influences from people you know and people you don’t know, who may be bringing the things into your life, temptations and such that you are trying to avoid (the black girl asking for drugs, the sheer shirt lady brought by your grandpa) run from those things and people!
The demons associated with drugs alcohol and porn are very real. I think you may have encountered that in your dream. But the Holy spirit is watching over you as indicated by your mom being in the room. You are not alone. Keep calling out to Jesus so you can get your power back to handle this situation (hand) instead of Satan having this power over you.

Did I miss anything or does anyone have a correction or addition??