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Any insight?

I’m pregnant with our first (and most likely only child- our desire was only one even before years of infertility and how hard this pregnancy has been) we both always knew we would have a daughter and knew that I knew it was a girl before we found out the gender. We found a few months via ultrasound it showed boy and 2 ultrasound since also said boy… however I’m still not convinced months later.

I’ve recently been praying for dreams and visions (as well as for God to line my desires up with his plan) and all I can see is a girl when picturing a baby… then I have had a dream where I was in fact pregnant with a daughter where I could “see through” my stomach. And then in a separate dream recently where I had a daughter and I was telling him, I told you God told me it was a girl…

I know God has a plan for this baby but it’s really messing with my head, any insight?