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      I had this dream a few days ago.
      I dreamt I was walking by the edge of the water by a lake. I noticed movement by a pile of crunchy brown, fall leaves. It was a baby woodchuck or beaver. I used a fork to poke at it but it disappeared under the leaves. Then it ran away followed by another baby woodchuck. Finally, a large mama woodchuck jumped up out of the leaves and ran to the left.

      The fork represents the preparation of God’s people’s hearts for receiving the seed or Word of God and developing a relationship with our Father through his son Jesus Christ. It also can represent the initial ground breaking ministry of preparing people for the gospel. The animals represent demonic influences or sin or attitudes and mans actions. Because the mama woodchuck ran to the left it’s a warning about unbelief or people making wrong choices. Brown is a fleshly color and a negative color. The leaves either represent God being with us through trials and misery as He will never forsake us or they may symbolize the healing ministry. The waters edge which was calm could represent the peace of God.

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