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      Fully Restored

      A former church family member said she had a dream of me cleaning up a cemetery with a church attached to the property. She said that when she and her daughter were going to go downhill to this church I said that the church was a dead church and non-working? I was picking up sticks.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully Restored,

      This was a good dream. It speaks of you playing some role in influencing the church (people) to serve God in spirit and in truth. You are exposing dead religion and you are moving it out of the way (picking up dead sticks (the flesh) and you are doing some “cleaning” in the spiritual realm and in the spirit and even in your own heart)

      The person and her family went downhill (spiritual deterioration) (going down in a dream is bad). Dead sticks speak of dead people in a spiritual sense. In the dream, it speaks of spiritual deterioration as well.

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      Fully Restored

      Thank you Brother Martins. Can it be that so many that I even grew up with and was influenced by are dead or in dead religion? Most of these people have professed Jesus and believe they are following Him. The problem though, like what I was delivered from was the parroting of the things like other ministries and yet not truly believing them with genuine faith? She also noted in her dream that I was charging to clean this up? Would that be that I was challenging her to walk by faith? She said her daughter wanted to give money to me. And so did she.

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