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      Fully Restored

      I was blessed with a hot tub from tim and Connie Middleton. (Second cousins)

      Very excited to get it to Dust and he was even glad.

      I said we could even sell it for $300 if you don’t want it, but they gave us the chemicals and everything for it.

      I remember Tim at the door being very overweight

      Next I see a fox, across the river, like at Sampson’s (old childhood river front)

      I go to get a knife as I have a knowing he’s coming to this side

      I get two knives it seems trying to find what would kill.

      I go to look for him and aware that he’s behind a tree watching me to my right (more top right)

      He comes out and I’m not clear what’s next.

      I’m alive but someone or the fox is demanding my knives lost in the battle? Or that killed the fox?

      Next I’m on a slide or ride with old high school friends and even grade school

      My mom comes to find me

      Now I’m upon the top of a water slide that has been very cold water waiting for my turn

      I ask the operator for a soda

      Mountain Dew new flavor and he said he hasn’t drank soda in months

      I told him how great Dust and I did for about a month and then got back into junk after vacation and camping

      There is a kid who wants to exchange the toy from that place for another and he and his parents are waiting on me to get to the store.

      We go in and he gets side tracked by candy or something else making me know he wasn’t as set on a certain toy that he thought

      I had read about King Herod this morning in Matthew 2 and a friend and I had a discussion on people who say they want to Worship, but do not. We talked about the church and the changes in it?

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      Chris B

      Hi Fully Restored,

      Can you please tell me who Dust is? As soon as I know I can start to interpret your dream. Please remember that many people who may want to interpret your dreams may not have seen your old dreams that you have posted on the group. Some may be new Participants, so for this reason, you will always have to put in brackets behind the names, who those people are in real life. You will have to do it each time that you create a new topic.


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      Fully Restored

      Dust is my husband.

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      Chris B

      Thanks, let’s look at this dream: (It appears that you are right about the trigger. I have experienced many times that the interaction among church-members, when the church is lukewarm, is revealed in dreams and visions by a vacation-like almost non-spiritual events)

      The hot tub speaks of the possibility of or the opportunity of “time of relaxation” and “uplifting interaction”, between you and your husband, made possible by people close to you, probably the people that you mentioned. “Cousins” symbolizes spiritual family so if not them, then people in the body of Christ but not in your congregation, perhaps. Whatever, somebody made an opportunity possible for you and your husband and that made you excited and glad. The negative thing here is that they did not give you real spiritual blessings. They gave you something to enjoy. It is all about pleasure.

      It was probably given for you to use it and not selling it but selling is an option. So whatever this is, you can make use of it or “sell” it. This part emphasizes that we always have the power to choose. If something is not good for us we should reject it and if it is good, we use it. Anyway, this may be an opportunity and a blessing or not (seeing that a fox appeared on the scene).

      Foxes in dreams and visions speak of people who follow their own hearts and spirits by being very sly and cunning and evil and deceiving to achieve what they strive for. They like to hide their true motives from other people just like foxes hiding in their holes.

      The knife and the two knives and the going out speak of a few things; you need to use the word of God (knife), you need unity and agreement. In dreams and visions, the number two symbolizes agreement and union. The number two is the number of witness and testimony. It speaks of unity in this sense. So perhaps, you need your husband to stand in agreement with you, and the going out speaks of your actions, not to be defensive but offensive. This means “positive, word-declaration. You are not fighting a sly person. You are taking control of the circumstances through calling into existence what is not yet in existence.

      Unfortunately, the next few parts are very confusing. It appears that you either win or you lost the ability to use the word of God effectively. In both cases, the message or warning may be that whatever this situation represents, you need to make sure you know the word for this incident and you must use it with authority, boldly and successfully.

      Now, this part about you and your husband had a very confusing end, and this here is the connection with the lukewarm congregation, probably because of it. The scene now goes over to lukewarm activities and interaction in the congregation, although I think you and your husband probably represent people who are in need of a real spiritual “hot” experience and congregation or church. It is clear by looking at the symbols that the church is running after temporary things with no spiritual value but for pleasure. So all these things, the Mountain Dew soda, the toy, the candy, the water slide all speak of the church desiring useless spiritual experiences.

      So this is probably just a confirmation of what you discussed with your friend. I don’t think the part about the hot tub and fox is real. It is not about you. I think God showed you that the church is under attack whilst fooling around with bad things.

      So, one could say that God joined in the conversation. This is bad and it should bother us. I think it bothers God. It is clear that this causes the word of God not to be effective and people not using the word effectively.

      By the way, the fact that you were in this park with highschool friends and not family, is an indication that this probably represents the global church.


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      Fully Restored

      Hi Chris.
      This is a blessing. I know it’s confusing in parts, but that actually reflects how I feel at times about  decisions we’ve made. We have taken a rest from ministry as far as the institution is concerned. I was being groomed to take over my childhood congregation, and my husband and I were not happy with the way things were moving forward spiritually, but didn’t want to leave offended or out of the will of God. The cousins though in this, are not close to me. They are in real life, very religious. The fact that the hot tub was even offered to me was a shock, but she was very kind and insisted we have it. Along with all the chemicals that we would need. (I wondered if that was connected to the decision we made) The $300 was clear thoigh that we could sell it for that amount. That felt the faithful remnant which is my heart. And the friend I was speaking with that I’ve connected with since moving to another church. There is so much like mindedness and connections that are the same heart. I think represents the knives.

      That next part was very unclear. All I remember vividly was being at the top of this water slide in very cold water waiting for my turn. Then next a kid waiting on me for something that they didn’t even really want, which honestly I can see where that would fit too in this season.
      So, I’m focusing on the knives and the unity of bringing the Word to pass to raise up the faithful remnant starting in my own life!
      Thank you.

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      Chris B

      Hi Fully restored, thanks for your reply. Sorry, I forgot about the “cold water”, and the $300.00. Ok, so the part about the hot tub really happened. It was in the dream but it actually happened. So this was literal and not symbolic. Is this what you are saying? Is it in some way connected to the part about the lukewarm church? Does it mean that whatever blessings we receive from the religious church, we should reject because the blessings from the religious church are no blessing at all and because of us being a faithful remnant who rather wants true and holy and pure spiritual blessings?

      Cold represents spiritual blessings that are not ready or fit for immediate use and cannot be received immediately. It is in the future like with snow (See the meaning of Snow). Isn’t that also something that is an characteristic of the religious church? They desire spiritual blessings and preach spiritual blessings but it never comes.

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      Chris B

      Hi Fully Restored, can you please have a look at the information below? I copied it from the “Important Messages” page. It helps a lot to make the Forum functional and to assist the interpreters to look up the meanings of the symbols:

      F. Topic Tags

      Please do not underestimate the value of “Topic Tags”. If we all work together, we will build up a very functional database by adding all the different symbols (tags) when we create a new Topic. This will enable us to have quick access to thousands of symbols by doing a “Database Search“. When a person puts a symbol in the Forum Search Field, he will be taken immediately to all the Dream Interpretation Topics that contain that symbol. So this will give us quick access to the information that we need.

      The right way to add the tags is to type it, in lower case, followed by a comma, and then you can add all the tags at once by clicking on the “Add” button. (Example: snake, bird, lion, white, man, elephant). It is expected of all Participants not to ignore the tags field. The Forum Search Field has been added to the top of the Forum sidebar.

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      Fully Restored

      No, I didn’t really get a hot tub in real life, or the offer. But I know vividly that I said that about the $300.

      That we could use it or sell it for that price.

      That’s where I seem to be right now. The awaiting. The top of that slide.
      I want to be walking out the things of God. The cry from all of those around me right now is that “what’s been done is not working.”

      Just yesterday, that was mentioned.
      So, again.. the calling those things that aren’t as though they are…. that’s where I have known and seen God manifest in my life.
      That is the answer.
      My husband and I, and I believe those God has connections with us at this season are all of the same mind for the most part.

      So, the part of the fox?
      Is that a part of the church or a specific person, do you think?

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      Fully Restored

      Oh. I apologize about the topic tags.

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      Chris B

      Hi Fully Restored,

      The global church and all church congregations and all Christians all have enemies, satan, demons, and people who hate Christ and his church and Christians.

      If you identified the trigger of your dream correctly, the fox probably symbolizes all the enemies of the church. If the part of you and your husband is more personal (not global but closer to home) the fox probably symbolizes any of those enemies in your local congregation. But who the enemy is, does not matter. It is all about the knives and the correct use of those knives (the word of God and proactively using the word of God), as you mentioned yourself.

      Irrespective of who our enemies are, we have God and we have the word of God and we call things that are not, into existence. The victory is always ours. If God is for me, who can come against me? Nothing is impossible for God, and obviously for anybody who believes the word of God and actively using the word of God to change his future.

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