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      Hey how are you? I had this dream about a year ago, but always think about it time to time. I remember having this dream that same night my grandma was pressuring me to find some one. I believe she made a comment like when will you find a husband and it hurt my feelings but i never shared with her it bothered me. That same night I had a dream like I was supposed to perform in a theatre play or something Later I was given this baby to hold to play with but I didn’t know how to take care of it because it was not my baby. After a while though I became so comfortable with it like as if it became my own baby. Towards the end I was thinking in the dream this isn’t my baby I am virgin it can’t be my baby. Is there any relation between what my grandma said to me the day before and me having this dream? Or is this some other meaning? If you can help me understand this dream it would help me out so much. Thank you!

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      Good Afternoon Hayley,

      I hope you are doing well. I do think it has a relation between what your grandma said to you, the “Golden Key” to what has led to the trigger of this dream.
      Hope it helps!

      GOLDEN KEY: Grandma pressuring to find a husband

      Primary Elements:
      Dreamer (you)

      Secondary Elements:
      Perform: Actions & outward appearance
      Theatre: In the public eye, “act the part”, situation demands you play a role

      Primary Element:
      Baby (responsibility/obligation given, helpless)

      Secondary Elements:
      Didn’t Know how to care for: Feeling Helpless
      Not your baby: Not your responsibility

      You are feeling exposed, as if you are supposed to “act the part”, a situation (pressured to get a husband) demands you to play a role but you feel helpless about it and you don’t want it as an obligation.

      Sometimes its hard when someone pressures us or makes us feel like we are obligated to do something but I encourage you to be strong and wait on the Lord; do not feel obligated to do things you don’t want to do or aren’t ready to do. I know you must love your grandma that is why it is hard hence you had the dream; God’s timing and plan for your life is all that counts.

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      Thank you! Is this Gods way of saying he wants me to be single? Or is he telling me I’ll find the right person later through the baby because later I held it
      As if it were my own

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        Hi Hayley, from what I could gather from the info of your grandmother it seemed like she pressures you to get a husband and this makes you feel bad? Unfortunately I can’t say that God wants you to be single however looking at the golden key it seems like it is more about being pressured to get a husband than what God’s plan is for you.
        The baby represents either responsibility or obligation (what related more to you) but the responsibility or obligation is more the feeling you are experiencing when your grandmother asks you when you are going to get a husband.

        Hope it clarifies your questions. If this is something that is on your heart maybe God is calling you deeper, best is to pray and ask God all these questions that are on your heart, He will answer.

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      I’m just wondering by what it means thay it’s not my responsibility like it’s not Gods will for me to be married in future?

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      Yes I mean I want to get married and desire but I’m waiting on Gods best. I’m not rushing but yes I do feel rushed. I guess. Wondering what the dream meant later when I held the baby as if it were my own & said this can’t be my baby I’m a virgin. Hopefully the Loed reveals

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Hayley, I think Unge did well with her interpretation. She is right about the fact that it is not about God’s will whether you should get married or not. This dream is about you feeling pressured to do something that you did not plan to. Babies are not always about a new ministry or a new job. babies sometimes symbolize a new quest or a new project that an individual or a group of people embark on. In this case, the new project or quest was to find a husband. At first, you accepted the baby (the new quest) but later on in the dream, you felt that it was not your baby. You did not give birth to this baby. This speaks of this quest not coming from you but given to you by others (your grandma). This dream reveals your feeling about the whole incident. It is therefore an emotional restoration dream. The bottom line is that you do not have to search for a husband. You just pray to God and trust God for a good husband when it is time for that.

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      Hello Basie! Thank you for this feedback. I love how you explained it I have never thought about this before. On my
      Forum there was two recent dreams I had that I shared the most
      Two recent ones before this. Can I humbly ask you to check those out as well? If the Holy Spirit guides you i would love an interpretation from your view on those two. Thank you so much God Bless

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