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      Was in a room with some people and decided to trick them with my in my jacket pocket,posing as a fake gun and making out as to shoot someone, as I was walking behind something I could sense that one man was watching me and he bought my trick as to think I have a real gun, and wanted to shoot some one, they then wanted to search me for the firearm, but I knew there was nothing, but inside of me I was trying to teach them some kind of lesson, I don’t know exactly, so the one guy searched my jacket and the other searched me, they found nothing, they then went on to show me the broken windows, and asked if I could fix it, I said yes I can the one guy said ok fix half of them, and the other guy said no fix all of them, so I agreed to fix half, and if happy I’ll fix all of them,I then went back home as I got there there was so much laundry in the bathroom even in the bath and my father said to the reason you did not go fetch the car was because it was dirty( implying that I would be embarrassed to drive it, not so I said, I then went on to explain to him about the windows, he said to me it would not work because it is to far to get them repaired, not so I said their is flace not far from here and they cut the windows to spec so it would be real quick and easy, at that moment I just knew as from wisdom imparted to me, or by revelation that if I knew the cost per hour, the cost per meter the cost per item I could easily make a living.
      Golden keys:
      A word of knowledge from the lord to my father as to recieve the lord as savoir as he does not believe and has recently discovered he has stage 4 cancer and trust the lord to impart to me a hidden thing that only he and the lord know, as to get him to believe.
      Key.2. To start a food trailer business.
      Key 3. To reunite me and my wife and children
      Key 4. The gift of discerning of spirits.
      Key 5. Buying a house
      All these things are hefore the lord as I wait on him patiently for guidance.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Dino,

      My personal opinion is that this is an emotional restoration dream. You are a bit concerned about your father (cancer and being unsaved). A jacket represents spiritual preparedness, in this case, being prepared to possess a special word from God. A gun, in a positive sense, may speak of a special word of God that can be shot (with a special golden or blue or purple or silver bullet) right into the heart of a person, with the aim to change his heart. The fact that it was a fake gun speaks of you not yet possessing the gun (a special word from God).

      Windows speaks of special revelation knowledge. We “see” through a window and that speaks of spiritual “insight”. In the dream, the windows are exactly like the fake gun. The windows are broken so the “special insight” is not really there. You do not possess the spiritual insight about or for your father yet. You understand that it needs to be repaired first before you will receive special insight.

      The laundry all over (the bathroom and even the bath) speaks of your father’s bad preparation for life. It probably needs washing and ironing, which speaks of him not spiritually prepared for life and for heaven (salvation).

      The car speaks of your motivation or your quest regarding this matter (the matter of helping your dad as you have explained). He thought it was because of sinful things (dirt, probably his sinful acts) but you knew it was just because of the broken windows that need repair first (spiritual insight).

      “The cost per hour, the cost per meter the cost per item”, part speaks of your understanding that you need to pay a price to be successful. That price is “faith”. The heavenly currency that we need to pay for spiritual blessings (in this case the revelation knowledge or spiritual insight or the gun with the silver bullet (silver – word to cause repentance) that you need to shoot into his heart, take faith to obtain.

      So this is either an emotional restoration dream or/and a message of God to inform you that you need to have faith for that special word. If you have faith, He will give it to you so that you can go and help your father.

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