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      Dream Details:

      I was in an airport loading baggages in a hotel cart with my fiancé. Her sister called me to get her Venmo card to get another airport cart for baggages and I saw my fiancé loading his luggage on top of my luggage and her sister’s luggage then my attention shifted when I saw his mom and her elder sister talking while walking inside the airport but they just passed by going inside the airport without noticing me but the other sister was so supportive for both of us (me and my fiancé) as if we’re going somewhere. I feel like I’m just going with the flow but thinking what would be next and I’m curious on what this situation means in my season. What is the prophetic message of this dream?

      I asked the Lord in prayer if marrying this man is His will and I dreamt this dream the next day.

      My fiancé and I have had plans to get married by August 8, 2022 this year but I’m still praying to GOD on His direction and guidance if this marriage is His perfect will for me. Hope you’ll give me your spiritual insights based on the dream I had. Thank you and God bless.

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