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      Trigger: I was saying to my mom I didn’t know if I would go to our huge family Christmas while I’m in California. I’m going there to help my friend who has cancer. (I live in Arizona). I’m not vaccinated. My mom said I would probably have to ask for permission. I said if it makes them uncomfortable I most likely won’t go. I am uncomfortable about getting vaccinated but have been considering it for the sake of those who are so fearful about it. I feel so protected by God. I am thankful to not have gotten Covid.
      I get the vacuum out at my moms house. I want to help. There is light colored carpet. White but not a bright white. The carpet needs to be vacuummed. There is no furniture in this room My mom comes in and starts knit picking before I even get started. My dad is in the room but quiet but I sense he’s supportive. I yell at my mom and say I am leaving. I grab my coat and keys.I storm out the door. I remember she likes the door locked but I don’t want to see her so I reach my hand back in the door to lock it without walking back in. She opens the door and trys to talk to me but I just start walking away saying I don’t want to talk to her. end of dream.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge, this is probably an emotional restoration dream. It reveals your emotions. The locking of the doors reveals your feelings, possibly because you want to give her what she wants (a locked door) or it reveals emotions not to allow her near you (locking her out). So this is not serious, just emotions that come out (is released) in a dream to restore your emotional condition.

      A carpet speaks of comfort. There is no comfort at the moment because of the situation about California that you described and you really want to solve it for her (your mother) but it is difficult for you to do that. You really do want to support your friend. This is all about this situation.

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