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      I had this dream on Tuesday night of this week.

      The dream was a faceless man coming to my door to pick me up from my house to pick me up in Canada. He said he was from the city of San Francisco and to pick me up. I wasn’t expecting the guy so I didn’t know what to make of it and he just said pack your bags it’s time to go. I didn’t know the guy but then I saw a limo parted out side my house so I thought I would see who was in the limo..Jerry Flynn from San Francisco was in the drivers seat. He had passed away in 2019 and I said to him “Jerry, What are you doing here? You’re dead.” He mentioned to me that the Father sent Him back to pick me up and that he always told me that I would be back in San Francisco and it was time to go. He helped load my bags into the car.

      As I got into the car, I noticed a pastor from San Francisco lying in the back who was injured, from a fight. The pastor had bullets in him and was in weak condition. I was admonished by Jerry that I was part of the Matthew 5 army to help people out. I was given some army fatigues but they were not UN peace keeper uniforms rather peace maker uniforms.

      I also had to put some doctors scrubs on to work on the pastor. I was given a sword which looked big, but as soon as it was placed in my hand it was a surgeon’s scalpel and I was able to remove the bullets from the pastor. He had an old breast plate that had been damaged and was rusting and I gave him a new one and was missing a helmet so I gave him a new helmet. He got up very relieved to be alive and I told him just be careful. He indicated he was shot by friendly fire and appreciated my help getting back to strength.

      The next scene was me on some kind battlefield where I saw some other soldiers and I was wearing my Matthew 5 peace maker uniform and saw the men who attacked the pastor. I mentioned to them that they had attacked a man who was like a brother to them, mentioning something about the Confederate Army and the Union Army from the American Civil War. They were still American brothers even if they had different thinkings. I also mentioned that the donkey and the rhino had a common enemy which was actually snakes and both could kill the snakes if they stepped on them in union. Then suddenly, the gentleman who attacked the pastor in San Francisco had his eyes opened and realized that he had attacked his own brother and was shocked and horrified at the same time. He realized that he was wrong all along and made amends and asked for forgiveness from the pastor in SF saying I thought all of you were compromised. I was wrong.

      The pastor now restored to health and the other party came together and embraced….

      That was the end of the dream….

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      I should say I am a male

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