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      A while back I was praying for Lord if possible for him To reveal when I’d find the right person . That night I was praying to God to reveal to me when I’d find the right person. Same night I had a dream I opened the Bible it landed on chapter 28, and I said in the dream “oh maybe that’s when I’ll find the right person when I’m 28” it could not even be from God. I have always wondered what it could mean though. I’m just wondering if it’s just a carnal dream because I prayed about it before that same night I had this dream

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      I’m only wondering because in the dream I said”maybe that’s when I’ll find the right person”

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      Hi Marina,

      This could be an emotional restoration dream or it could be an indication of when you will meet and know your husband (message from God), because God does answer us when we ask questions and you did ask about this. However, with marriages and promotions, and new jobs, people do get a lot of emotional restoration dreams so it will be impossible for me to answer. I really do not know but you can keep this in mind. Only time will tell.

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