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      Trigger thinking about my friends son again and all the prayer that has gone up for him yet no deliverance from drugs.

      I saw an amber colored glass decorative empty water pitcher top left side in dream. I tried to post a picture but wasn’t able to.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge,

      Because I do not really know what the dream is all about, I can only give you the meanings of the symbols:

      Amber in dreams and visions symbolizes the glory of God in judgment. When God judges with fire, it usually means that it is his final judgment in a situation. Fire is synonymous with hell. An oven is also synonymous with hell and with fire. In a dream, fire or the color of fire, or fire in an oven, or a similar object symbolizes the judgment of God. We see this judgment in real life being carried out through war, sickness and diseases, plagues, natural disasters, and so forth. In reality, it is the fire or judgment of God being carried out by God and/or his angels.
      People also carry out judgment. This type of judgment can be legal or illegal. It always leads to destruction and it can also be symbolized by fire or the color of fire which is also carried out through war, imprisonment, murder, and death.

      The color of amber is in the yellow-orange color range. Therefore jealousy, hate, sorrow, resentment, and irritation are also associated with the color amber.

      When a symbol is situated in the top left corner of a dream or vision it symbolizes the present circumstances or situations that you are presently involved with. The emphasis, however, is the fact that symbols in the top left corner involve logical and analytical reasoning. It speaks of influences (reasoning and experiences). People put themselves in bad places because of being influenced by analytical thinking.

      The fact that the pitcher is empty speaks of a lack of spiritual blessings or a lack of the Holy Spirit (water). The fact that it is decorative also explains why it did not contain water. Decorative items speak of “pretending” or “symbolizing” something but are not really the real thing. There appears to be a blessing or Holy Spirit but it is not real.

      It is clear to me that in this situation, judgment is involved in some way so this means repentance is necessary. I suspect that there is no breakthrough with your friend’s son because there is no repentance. As I said, I can tell you what the symbols mean and I can tell you what I suspect.

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