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      The trigger recently saw an old friend I use to attend church with. There was a whole group of us. This friend Lori was not friendly to me.

      dreamt I was walking down the isle of a church there was a dog looking for his mother a guy helped him find her but the mother didnt stay it was time to let go. As I walked down the isle to my right was a large group of woman I new from church.
      Lori walked across the isle (right to left) but wouldn’t acknowledge me and neither did anyone else. They looked my way but kept talking in the group.
      next dream
      hanging upside down hands tied swinging back and forth. Each swing forward someone put a clip to pinch my skin. eventually my face was covered with different degrees of pressured clips.
      thought someone would come get me but no one did.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge,

      This was not a pleasant dream. That is for sure. Each time somebody puts a clip on your face it speaks of attacking your personality (see the meaning of “Face”). The fact that you were hanging upside down and your hands tied speaks of a situation where you cannot do a thing to change the behavior of these people.

      You did not mention the color of the puppy and its mother but I have seen that dogs, in some cases, represent people who are out to attack you (usually verbally). The color of the dog represents the manner and methods that people use and the aggressiveness in the dream represents the degree of aggressiveness with the “verbal” attack. In this case, there is apparently no aggressiveness and not a color. This speaks of this woman, Lori, slowly and quietly attacking you by slowly influencing others in a negative way (probably by gossiping/untrue opinions), especially by attacking your personality.

      There is a possibility that this dream represents your emotional feelings, because of this woman being unfriendly to you in the presence of all those other women. In such a case it was an emotional restoration dream and then this may be a reflection of your emotions because of what you suspect is happening behind the scenes. In such a case, this woman may not be guilty of what the dream suggests.

      On the other hand. This dream may be a revelation of what is really going on behind the scenes. This means that this woman is indeed hurting you. In such a case, the only thing you can do is to pray for this woman and the other women involved. Forgive them all and move on. Prayer can change their attitudes and can result in a deliverance for you all. If this does not happen you need not be concerned at all about this. God is on your side and He will protect you. These women cannot do anything to hurt you at all. God is protecting you and He will cause you to stand and to be victorious in regard to this situation, but, it is important that you forgive them all.

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