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      trigger: After the Presidential election I was heart broken for my Country. I prayed for a dream about it’s future. I had 2 dreams on consecutive nights I believe are connected.
      First dream
      I’m changing a poopy diaper on a couch. The poop just keeps on coming out. After cleaning baby’s bottom of lots of poop I set the baby on the arm of the couch. Someone held her there but I did not see who it was. While the person held her there I put clean white cloth diapers on the couch to protect it because some poop got on it. I kept smoothing the white diapers covering the couch completely. I did it with joy.
      Second dream
      I was in the large master bedroom of my friend Lisa and Jeff’s house. We were cleaning it and packing for them to move to Texas. There was a little table and chairs to sit down at and chat. Lisa and I and Jeff are happily talking about their move. There was a very large closet.
      Next scene I’m at a house I don’t recognize and I walk inside but I feel like I can’t find my way out. I noticed that all the rooms are beautiful turquoise color and as I walk around a circular path to my left is a bathroom with no fixture is just tile and the tile is terracotta color and its sparkling clean. Next I run into a woman who’s holding a baby that sleeping wrapped in a white blanket, the woman’s wearing glasses and she tells me how to get to the front door I sense that she has a kind heart and we walked together to the front door but there is no doorjust a doorway but everything is peaceful.Next scene I’m back at Lisa and Jeff’s (they are gone) and I Head over to clean the big closet but I noticed there somebody in the closet already doing that. I walked to the other end of the closet and I see a Baby-walker one with the wheels that a child can move around in and a few other toys. I left the house but then returned. There was a padlock on the door there was a man to the right who spoke nothing and a man to the left with a hat on leaning against a post. He told me it was all locked up, You can’t go in it’s finished.

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      Hi Smidge,

      I am going to assume that all these dreams and scenes are connected as you indicated.

      The first dream is all about a situation where people are experiencing a new situation (baby). Babies do sometimes symbolize the beginning of an endeavor or a close relationship or a common purpose or a common goal or a new situation.

      So if this is an answer to your request, these dreams show that the church in America or the people who stand for righteousness and for what is right, and maybe unsaved people as well (all Americans) are all in this new situation where they have to deal with bitterness, contempt, and probably other emotional sins like fear and other issues (poop) because of the circumstances surrounding the 2020 election.

      They are struggling to deal with this new situation and it seems to take a while to get used to it. That is why you had to prepare for more emotional issues by protecting the couch with the white cloth diapers. It speaks of possibly more issues (more poop).

      Couch and covering the couch completely speak of this interaction and this dealing with the new situation happening publicly in the communities (social aspect). A couch is usually in a sitting room (social area).

      You helped with joy speaks of your willingness and ability to help with the situation that was caused by the circumstances surrounding the election. However, you probably represent all those people who helped America deal with all these emotional cleansing processes.

      The next scene speaks of a big change caused by these circumstances. People were willing to make or will have to be willing to make the necessary changes and adaptions to deal with the new situation. Moving to Texas probably symbolizes people’s actions after the initial shock. This speaks of a bit of shaking and shifting and settling in as a result of making the necessary adaptions to deal with the new situation.

      The large closet speaks of our methods and ways of accomodating our preparation for life or new situations or new attitudes. This speaks of America’s old preparations over a long period (large).

      Cleaning it out speaks of old preparation (Clothes speak of preparation for life or ministry or job or actions or attitudes) being removed. So it is not available to us anymore.

      So God showed you here that people in America and even in the church are rapidly changing or will make changes in the future.

      The next scene is the strange house which symbolizes a strange and unknown period approaching. We do not yet know how the new America will be and how people will live in this new situation.

      There is “no way out” speaks of people being forced against their will to be in this situation of change. There is no choice. There will be changes.
      The turquoise walls speak of a mixture of Godliness and glory (blue), righteousness, holiness, victory (white), and prosperity (green) because turquoise is a mixture of these colors.

      These are positive colors so this probably answers your question about what will happen with the country or the church or Christians. So the new situation will be good when it comes to this area. Walls represent protection.

      The bathroom, however, has negative aspects. The clean bathroom with terracotta tiles speaks of a situation where people (maybe specific people or groups of people) do not deal with sins in their lives because of the lack of equipment (bath, water, soap, basin, faucet, etc). There is no repentance, no regret. The fact that the room is so clean is because dirty people are not using the facilities to cleanse themselves and there are no facilities to do so.

      Terracotta is a mixture of brown and red which speaks of sin and conflict, probably hate and bitterness as well. So this area speaks of a negative time ahead in this area.

      The peace and the woman with a good heart and the baby in the white blanket are all good things and this speaks of care, compassion, help, and assistance and even love.

      The fact that there is no door but only a doorway may speak of openness (welcome all people) but it may also speak of a lack of protection, which means that anybody can come in and bring their spiritual things (good or bad) into the house.

      So although there will be peace and progress there will also be shortcomings in specific areas.

      The last part speaks of a situation that implies that the people of America will not be able to go back to what was. Locked, empty, nothing there, will not be able to be accessed anymore. Old preparations will not work anymore. Will have to prepare a new way to deal with the new situation.

      Will have to use a new closet with new clothes. Clothing symbolizes our spiritual preparation for ministry and/or for life. It represents what we are doing or busy with. Not only the five-fold ministry but also the preparation of the ministry of every child of God is symbolized by the clothes we wear. When we clothe ourselves spiritually we are actually equipping ourselves (preparing ourselves) with the ability to function in the kingdom of God and in this world.

      The baby walker speaks of the situation that needs to be dealt with. This new situation will need a lot of work to restore and to be improved upon.
      It appears that God’s answer to you is that America is suffering to deal with this new situation. America will have to change and adapt and put in place what needs to be put in place. America will be OK on many levels and will still prosper but that there will be a problem with true repentance and there will be exposure (shortcomings).

      America will not be able to go back to what they were in the past, but, America will have to deal with the situation by preparing itself for life in general and ministry in new ways.

      It appears that spiritual equipping (clothes) will be a big challenge in the future. The people of America and the church needs people who can help equip them.

      Read more about Clothing in the dictionary. There will also have to be a big push (awareness) about the need to repent and to live a holy life before God and in peace with people (bathroom) as well as the need to protect ourselves against exposure (no door).

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      Fully Restored

      Wow! What an awesome interpretation!

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