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      Hi everybody, I also had this dream a few nights ago: I dreamt that somebody wanted me dead. I knew that it was a woman and I knew that she was hiding somewhere. She was an assassin. She did take a shot at me from this concealed position. I could see that the bullet went through a piece of shiny metal, through the window and it hit my eyeteeth and it did break a small piece from it.

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      Hi Fred,

      This is definitely a warning dream from God about a specific person who wants to hurt you. The eye tooth was quite tricky to interpret but I hope this at least helps you.

      Primary Element

      Secondary Elements:
      Someone wants you dead: this is a warning of someone who has sinful and secretive motivations and actions against you.
      Bullet went through shiny piece of metal, through a window hit and broke a small piece of your eye tooth: These damaging words pierce your strength and character, enters through your soul. You recognize it through revelation and important elements.

      Primary Element:

      Secondary Elements:
      She was hiding: means that this person is not motivated by Holy Spirit, they don’t want to hear or obey God’s word
      She shoots from this position: this person being motivated by sin speaks words of criticism towards you with damaging words which pierces through your strength of character, entering your soul but you recognize an issue.

      This dream seems to be a warning to you from a person who has sinful and secretive motivations and actions against you, this person is not motivated by God or the Holy Spirit. This person is motivated by sin and wants to damage your strength and character by entering your soul speaking damaging words that pierce you.

      Continue praying and use God’s Word to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one; no weapon formed against you shall prosper! As you spend time with God allow Him to give you revelation about this situation so that you may recognize and pray against this attack.

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      Basie Martins

      A very good interpretation Unge. This person was shooting words of criticism towards Fred and it was probably meant to get other people to doubt in his authentic calling or position in Christ or at his work situation. You are right about the fact that this person wanted to destroy him. The eyetooth is the human version of the K9 tooth in animals. It is a very important tooth. It is used by animals to kill and with humans, it is the most important tooth to use to digest the word of God or the truth correctly.

      By the way, I like the advice that you gave Fred. Well done!

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