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      i dreamt that i became the president of America, it all happened so so quickly and as i was so bewildered how this happened and as i was sitting around the table with all my heads of state still trying to comprehend how this all happened and excited at the same time, i then tried to call my father (who has passed away) to give him the good news, i could not remember his phone number, i then walked with my personal bodyguard and asked him if he carries a firearm his reply was yes a clock 19, i then proceeded to tell him to get a bigger gun a 45 magnum, i dont know why i said this to him, but it just came out of my mouth, i then proceeded to a farm where i worked and my boss did not know that i became president, he then went on to say, Dino i need your help here with something, i then in return said to him, i dont think you understand but i need your help, this boss of mine was Chuck Norris (funny i know) i have not seen a movie of his in a very long time.
      golden key: i am currently in France working, trusting the lord to make a way for me to come back to South Africa and start a small business.

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