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      It was daytime in the dream and I was outside a place that I understood to be my residence. It seems I had just returned from shopping because I was standing next to an SUV ( Range Rover type ) it was beige or goldish in color.

      I had done quite a lot of shopping because the seats were folded down and there were items that looked like garden tools or DIY type of items. I think I was preparing to offload the items as I had one door open on the passenger side of the car. Before I did anything however a relative of mine suddenly arrived. In real life, he is the first-born son to my dad’s older brother. (cousin I guess ). He had in his hands a bunch of small tree seedlings ready for transplanting.

      Then he said, “Here I have come to return your trees.” As he handed the tree over to me it seems only then did he realize what he had been carrying. Because he then said, “ I have such trees next to my house, I could have got them for free there instead of paying for these.”

      His tone of voice was that of annoyance. As if this was such a waste. Also, it seemed he made the trip under duress. He would have preferred not to make the trip. I understood the trees were the type for planting to make a hedge around your property, as opposed to building a wall maybe….?

      In real life, we are NOT on particularly good terms with this relative. Your help is always appreciated.

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      You are standing on your commitment to the word of God and sacrificing something to receive a blessing. Dreaming of buying could represent a spiritual exchange. You give God faith and He gives blessings.
      Your motivation and ministry is about helping people to be born again. If the car was gold (which seems the more likely) then the Gold color could symbolize a ministry that enables the new believers (trees) become overcomers with holiness, wisdom, glory, and righteousness.

      The garden tool represents maintaining the direct connection to our love relationship with Christ. The fact that the seats were folded down in the car indicates this ministry is not for resting but is actively preparing the hearts of people for a relationship with God or other people.

      Although you have been playing a supporting role (passenger side) you have been given the authority strength and power in your hands through a new opportunity (open door) to help new people (baby trees) receive the spiritual support they need. Although the ministry is like a hedge around you to focus your attention on, but you have feelings of anger, or being irritated by nagging problems in life that you need to deal with.

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      Basie Martins

      An excellent interpretation Sparkle! Well done!

      I could not help to notice that there was a big difference in attitude between Gideon and his cousin. He went through all the trouble to prepare himself to work hard in building and maintaining his relationship with people. On the other hand, his cousin was so irritated and greedy and all he has done was buying a few small seedlings. He was not even prepared to plant it himself. He brought it to Gideon but he did it with a wrong attitude and probably with a wrong motive. It was also not something that he gave, he just returned what he probably loaned before. To me it is clear that Gideon’s cousin was not prepared to do anything to maintain relationships.

      The seedling probably represented the work that we have to do now to protect our relationships in the future (hedge).

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      Hi Sparkle, you were spot on. I really do relate to what you said. God is making it so clear to me on how to protect my relationships with my family and friends and how to build on them. I was not always obedient in this area but I am really making progress now. Thank you so much for the interpretation. I really appreciate it

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