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      Chris B

      Hi there,

      Can anybody help me with the interpretation of this dream please?

      I borrowed my credit to a certain woman who then gave it to her brother to keep, I went to this woman to ask for it back, and she said her brother has it, so I went to the brother to get it and he refused, eventually, the woman handed it over to me, but still holding it with one hand and I was trying to pull it out of her hand, but this woman put up such a fight, that she even starting biting me so painfully, eventually I broke free with the card, and started running, I could see that she went the other direction as if to block me off, so I jumped onto a wall, that was covered with an electric fence, and making my way through, before I jumped down I first mad sure this mad woman was not around.

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      Hi Chris, I think this dream was triggered by you thinking about financial issues. Can you tell me if that is the case?

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      Chris B

      I have been really struggling with this prosperity gospel, on one hand, The Lord will supply all my needs, so to live on the brink of poor is Christlike. And is always a struggle monthly just to get by.
      ON THE OTHER HAND, A part of me wants to launch out in faith and say LORD I AM THE HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL, I WILL LEND TO AND NOT BORROW FROM, ALWAYS ASKING FOR THINGS THAT I NEED AND I MEAN NEED, I want to take my family on holiday, I want to take them fishing, I want my wife to lack nothing, I want to be able to buy a house, I want my child to go to a good school….So then I end up being depressed.
      And wondering if I love mammon over the lord…there are so many teachings out there, some to extreme towards either side. That I find my self double-minded.

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      I believe that this dream was about your question about prosperity. The world wants us to be part of and in bondage of the worldly system of finance. In the dream, you saw that they want to keep you in bondage. They “take” and they “keep” and they “do not want to give back”. The credit card symbolizes the way they do it: “CREDIT”

      They want the church to loan from them so that they can owe us and keep us in bondage. They want us to buy everything through credit so that they can take a lot of interest and make them rich that way also. They do not want us to be free that is why this woman tried everything she could to keep you in bondage.

      The wall and the electric fence is inside the area of God’s protection. His walls are strong and He has power (electric fence).


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      Chris B

      Hi Daniel,
      I have been pondering how to respond to this message you have given me. When you replied, I had an encounter with the lord. At about 5.30 am as I was meditating before the lord, all of a sudden my spirit was quickened with this thought…
      Did you ever ponder why the cars were given to you? (at this time we had no transportation)
      So I pondered this thing in my heart and said no lord I don’t know, and instantly the Lord took me to two visions.
      The first one was, as I was in the OK shop, I noticed a young man admiring a chess set, by the way, he was holding the box I could sense that he did not have the money for it, so I went up to him and asked if he liked it, he said yes, I asked if he could afford it, he replied no.
      So I said to him take it and come with me, I took him straight to the tills and paid for it, wow was this guy happy.
      The next vision, one of the employees did not have any money on her to buy what was on special that day, and I overheard this conversation, so I said to her go get what you want, ill pay for it. This I to was led by the spirit.
      As the Lord showed me these to vision, he said to me. This is my currency when you give you receive. BUT WHEN YOU SOW YOU WILL RECIEVE A HARVEST, THAT’S HOW AND WHY YOU RECIEVED THE CARS, I was startled by this, and instantly I got the revelation of this kingdom principle. And I rejoiced before the Lord, and my faith was restored.
      I said now I got it. I understand, the world puts us in debt…..But we are not of this world, our kingdom is of the Lord, and he has a way for us that is greater than this kingdom on earth.
      Here we are bound by interest and debt.
      God’s kingdom is peace and righteousness in this area.
      We must never go to the banks for loans or credit. WHEN WE NEED WE SOW, AND GOD PROMISES A HARVEST.
      this has changed my life, I have hope that I to can start my own business, I too can own a house, I too can have money in the bank, but it must be done by his righteousness.
      A few hours later I received your interpretation, confirming what the Holy Spirit shed in my heart.
      My brother, I praise the Lord for you, thank you for those words of encouragement, correction, and upliftment.
      Now I’m going to be a sower…because it is better to give than to receive, and it’s a way for the Lord’s love and power to be demonstrated.

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      Fully Restored

      This is just awesome! What a Mighty God we serve! Oh how He loves us. Thank you for sharing!

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      Chris B

      Amen! It is a pleasure.

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      Basie Martins

      Well done Daniel! Good interpretation.

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