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      Good day, please help me with an interpretation for the following dream:

      In the dream me and my husband were at my parents house, presumably we were watching the house while they were gone for something. Our children were not near/ there.

      I came home after work walking into the living room seeing a big flatscreen TV on the wall that my husband had on making noise (my parents do not own a TV irl). There was also a radio close-by with loud music. I tried turning the TV off, but there were too many remotes, and they did not seem to work.

      I decided to go to my parent’s room for silence (furthest from the living room) but there was also a radio playing but a bit softer. I went outside through their glass door from the bedroom and noticed that the grass in the yard had been cut very short at places and that it started to wither on some spots, and thought that my father would probably be angry with the gardener for cutting it so short. I walked onto the porch and it was late afternoon almost dark with dim lights. My husband was there with me from somewhere again, and we walked into the house together. As we entered my parents room, I felt something walking on me, and asked my husband to help quickly. When he took it off it was a huge brown/bit of orange spider. My husband was not afraid of it and instead of throwing or killing it he picked it up slowly.

      My memory of the dream becomes vague, and next that I can remember we are in my old bedroom at my parents house. I kept warning my husband that the spider was going to bite him, and that he had to be careful, but he caressed and carried the spider the way he does with our cat. The bedroom was dimly lit which gave the room a brown yellow aura (almost antiqueish). I picked up a glass coffee bottle for him to put the spider in, because I also felt we should not kill it, but he did not want to put it away, he said it was too pretty, and he wanted to put it outside. I did not want that because I was afraid that it would come back again. In my thoughts I thought that we could make a small hole in the side of the bottle and place the spider in the bottle, outside on the table to reproduce and do its natural things without putting us in danger. The spider was on the bed again and it’s feet were on my husband suit and peeking through the button holes, and he picked it up again and kissed and cuddled it. I saw that the spider opened its fangs and lifted up it’s legs in warning but my husband did not listen when I repeatedly warned him. The spider bit my husband on his ear and neck and face. He did not throw it but rather stood very still. He then agreed to place it in the bottle. His face became paralyzed on the side where the spider bit him moments later, and then his legs wobbeled and he went to sit on the floor next to the bed. I knew that the spider was venomous (when we first saw it I wondered whether it was). I tried to contact an ambulance and google what kind of spider it was, but the phone I had in my hand seemed strange and the app icons were mixed around and it had a stange brown pinkish theme. I noticed that it was my husbands phone, and not mine. The opening screen was like a audio player with an album cover of ‘Death cab for a cutie’ on it before I unlocked it. I tried to take a picture of the spider, but failed to find the camera, and when I looked closely at the spider, it looked different and it had a black smile face on its back (looking something like a Joker or Alice in wonderland cat, very creepy). I couldn’t call an ambulance either because I failed to find the app icon. As the dream faded into black, I remember thinking that I must get my husband to the car, because the ambulance will probably be too late, but that he could not walk either. Then while I woke up the song ‘Follow you into the dark’ of Death cab for a cutie was playing in my head, especially the lyrics: Love of mine someday you will die, but I’ll be close behind. Follow you into the dark. Illuminate the no’s on their vacancy signs. When there’s no one to hold you when your soul embarks I’ll follow you into the dark.

      Kind regards.

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      I think the Lord is really trying to get your attention, since He’s been conversing with you through your night visions. The power within you is Holy Spirit. “Greater is He (Holy Spirit) who is in you, then he who is in the world.” Just like God spoke everything into existence, we to must do the same. The Lord says, “We are to speak the things that are not as though they are.” I think the Lord wants you to believe and trust in Him that when you speak God’s word over anyone believe and trust that God is the One healing and raising the dead to life.
      Chanevsg I wrote in a different forum or a different area where I wrote about your husband and the song and the picture on the album but anyway my writing was cut down a lot. I write the truth if someone wants to candy coat it I’m not the one. If this is what they want you to only hear let it be on them. I know what God put in my heart to interpret so if you’re satisfied with this then go no further but if you want no candy coating then go to [email protected] and I will tell you what I got from your dream.

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      Well I’m back. I had to so others can see what your dream means. God has given you a visionary revelation (TV flat screen). The enemy is making it impossible for you to hear God (noise from the radio). You’ve been trying to get peace and quiet and do a little bit but it doesn’t last long (radio playing softly and going to parents bedroom for silence). (As you go out the glass door), God is giving you a prophetic opportunity. It’s kinda hard to get because there not enough commitment in God only in a distance, (too many remotes). Your heart is troubled (withered grass) and rightly so, you sense the enemy around, (late afternoon, almost dark, dim lights). (You felt something crawl on you) is the enemy who is moving in your life. Going to your old bedroom in your parents house are past behaviors, in the flesh. Your husband caressing the spider well that’s obvious he is lovingly into his old lifestyle. You’ve been warning him and when you guys go into the bedroom with lights dimly lit your hearts are slowly dimming from God. Since the spider bit your husband the enemy has disfigured his identity. And the audio player on your husband’s phone has cut off his hearing from God. He has paralyzed his face where he can not see God or say anything to Him. Now the album cover to Death Cab for a Cutie is a black raven. This is an evil spirit who hurts others spiritually. You said you woke up to that song from this album with those lyrics which are not good but I can tell you God is always ahead of the devil and this dream is for you to start praying for you, your husband and your house. Get a well seasoned Christian to help you pray against this evil spirit or spirits. This is what God put in my heart to tell you. Bless you!

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Chanevsg,

      This dream appears to be an emotional restoration dream. Please read more about the purpose of emotional restoration dreams before you continue this interpretation, at this link:

      The dream deals primarily with your concerns about the spiritual condition of your husband. The main concerns are the following: Distracting influences reaching him from the outside (television and radio) and being a victim of his own wisdom and analytical thought pattern.

      We all know that evil uses the media to reach us in our homes. So although there is nothing wrong with the media, and although a lot of good comes from it, it is also used by evil.

      In this case, the media causes irritating and unsettling confusion in the house. Either your husband is very open to influences through the media or the radio and television symbolize something similar.
      The house in this case, your parents’ house, either symbolizes the good and holy influences that you received from your parents or it symbolizes your heavenly parents’ house (God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit which is symbolized by our mothers in dreams and visions (when you dream of your mother it symbolizes the Holy Spirit or your real mother. See “Mother” in the dictionary). In this sense, the “parent house” may be your “personal kingdom of God” in your house or life. So God is the author of the good things in your dream.

      It is clear that you feel that your husband brings a bit of confusion and chaos into the “house”. It bothers you because in the dream you seek a quiet place or more peaceful place in the house and that is the bedroom (God’s more intimate place, the inner room, the secret place of God), but even there the bad influences that your husband allows in or brings into the house have a negative influence on you (although not as much as with your more social life). So your social life (living room) and even your private life (bedroom) have some negative influences that you do not like that are allowed or caused by your husband.

      The garden is beautiful but you see signs of deterioration. See “Garden” in the dictionary. Gardens speak of relationships. So although it appears that your relationship is still good (the good state of the garden), you worry that God may be a bit concerned that your relationship may not be looked after as well as it should (grass too short and signs of being withered). (In the dream, you and your husband are supposed to look after your parents’ house so you are responsible for it whilst you look after it) (Again I think this symbolizes looking after your spiritual house because even if it is yours we and our lives actually belong to God and we should look after it well and that includes our relationships)

      So it appears that certain aspects of your relationship bother you a bit (emotional restoration dream) but as I said, the fact that the garden is beautiful and well cared for, means that this is not a big concern.

      However, the increasing darkness and dim lights in the garden as the two of you walk into the house speak of an evil influence or a fear of evil influence on your relationship that may change things for the worse.

      This flows into the following and more serious threat and that is the spider. Based on the symbols regarding the spider, your husband is completely unaware of the danger that he finds himself in when it comes to the spider.

      In dreams and visions, a spider symbolizes one of the following: Either a person who has false suspicion, or a person who trusts in a spiders web (Job 8:14), and Isaiah 59:5 says that some people who refuse to repent believe in their own wisdom and a spiders web (Isaiah 59 deals with people who refuse to repent but they follow their own wisdom (verse 5 says that they spin a spiders web). See “Spiders Web” in the dictionary.

      Isaiah 59:4-5 says that they trust in vanity and they speak lies and they spin a spider’s web). See “Spiders Web” in the dictionary.

      These people trust in their own wisdom and activities like a spider that spins a web to catch its prey. They do this very successfully and they do not need God.
      The color of the spider (brown and orange) symbolizes selfish ambitions or fleshly desires or striving or sin (brown) and emotions like sorrow, resentment, irritation, and people being indignant.

      So your husband’s specific spider problem includes some of these negative conditions. The fact that he did not see or feel any danger in the dream speaks of him being completely unaware that his practice of refusing to repent and accept God as his savior, but, trusting in his own wisdom and clever activities will cost him his life or a lot of hurt and damage in the future.

      The “being bit” and damage in the face speak of two things: If he does not repent, he will suffer greatly in a way that cannot be hidden from people. It will be all over his face. Everybody will see it.

      This will lead to a fall. Losing your legs means losing power and ability (See the meaning of “Legs”). This means he will not be able to do the things that he used to do. Spiders are venomous and when it bites they will kill. So eventually, a spider mentality leads to spiritual death.

      Cell phones speak of communication with God or our prayer life. It symbolizes the bad condition of your husband’s ability to make contact with God. Because of all the evil and bad influences in his life, the object or method of communicating to God was completely in such a confusing and broken state that, when this coming destruction hits, he will not be able to “contact” God in his time of “emergency”.

      So either this dream is a true reflection of reality or it is just reflecting your fears. However, you will not experience these emotional fears for no reason. Your fears are probably grounded or based on what you see in his life.
      Anyway, this situation is serious. You need to pray for your husband and you need to talk to him about his spiritual condition. Show him this interpretation. He is definitely not in a good condition spiritually and he needs to repent, otherwise, he is facing bad events and even destruction.

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