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      Hi, can someone please help with this dream? In the dream, I had a conversation with one of my superiors who I had a lot of respect for. Through the years I was also a bit scared of him.

      However, in the dream, I experienced no fear for him. I did not call him “sir”. I actually wanted to but I decided not to do that. Instead, I called him by his name and I even expected him to do me a favor.

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      Hi Stephany,

      Called by name speaks of you calling God by His Name
      Expect Favour Speaks of the favour of God
      Respect speaks of you thinking very highly of God
      Scared indicates that you had a fear of God
      Superior speaks of God (person of authority)
      Conversation speaks of you speaking to God

      In my opinion this dream is about you speaking to God who you have always thought very highly of. You have had a fear of God through the years but it has now disappeared. You felt very comfortable calling Him God. You spoke to Him like you would speak to a friend because He is actually your friend. You felt close to Him in your dream. He no longer felt so far away anymore. You know He is the God of favour therefore you have an expectation for the favour of God to be on your life.

      Stephany this is a message from God telling you that you don’t need to be afraid of Him. He is your friend and you can speak to Him anytime. He is with you always and His favour will be upon your life.

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      Hi Princess,

      The day before I had this dream I was pondering on the fact that God changed me for the better. I was thinking of the fact that I used to fear oppressive people like this guy in the dream. I was not like that anymore. I trusted God so much that I just stopped fearing people like this. So I think my dream was purely a reflection of the fact that God delivered me from this type of oppression. I do not think that this dream was about God.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Princess, it appears that you did identify the trigger incorrectly but, take heart, it is not easy to identify triggers. I assume that it is possible to dream of a superior and that superior could represent God. It is probably not impossible.

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