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      2 years ago I had this dream.

      I was at a place and I think I worked there and there were a bunch of huge python snakes in a room. I somehow knew the color associated with each snake. There were some huge snakes, pythons, they were brown but came with the color dark green. Another was purple and another snake came with the color red. They all had different colors. You could take the snakes home with you. There was no way to know which color came with them, I just somehow knew. There was a young boy and he wanted to hold one of the big snakes. I told him he had to wait for someone to help him because I was not going to, I didn’t like these snakes and I wasn’t touching them.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Gina,

      A python, which is also known as a monster snake, is not poisonous but huge and strong. A python in dreams and visions symbolizes the workings of a strong evil spirit that operates by means of intellectual thoughts of deception by attempting to make people passive by overpowering their emotions and their will.

      People are being deceived by this evil spirit to believe that everything is hopeless and they soon feel totally overwhelmed and powerless. With this attack, the enemy attempts to put a lot of pressure on people similar to the way a python squeezes the life out of its prey.

      People under such a deception give up easily if they do not resist it. The whole purpose of the deception of a “python” is to get you to stop praying and meditating on the word of God because of a feeling of hopelessness.

      The different colors speak of different strategies or areas of deception that these demonic spirits use to deceive and oppress people. The snakes were all brown which speaks of the seduction and deceit of people through intellectual reasoning and unclean thoughts to lust after and to get involved in fleshly desires like pornography or other selfish ambition, striving, and indecent acts. Brown speaks of the flesh and fleshly desires. The fact that there were hidden colors attached to each snake speaks of a situation where a bit of gambling was part of the situation.

      Dark green speaks of demonic influences to rely on intellectual soulish thoughts instead of the word of God. Red speaks of using thoughts of hate, dissension, bitterness, and contempt to cause a state of hopelessness. Purple probably refers to a deception in the area of God’s love for us similar to a white snake that symbolizes a false righteousness. A purple snake speaks of a false love that is not the love of God.

      The whole dream speaks of a state of ignorance when it comes to the danger of these snakes. It is almost as if people were oblivious of the fact that we cannot play with snakes. Snakes are dangerous and they can kill us.

      I suspect that there was a situation where you (who did not like these snakes) were involved in an incident where the devil caused havoc among a group of people because of ignorance and deceit and an attitude of recklessness. He probably used people at this place to deceive people. The fact that you instinctively knew what the hidden colors were speaks of the discerment of spirits. God revealed it to you in a supernatural way.

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