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      Hi, can someone please help with this dream? I dreamt that we (don’t know who) were sitting next to a dam with water that made little waves. There was a problem with our steak. The pieces of steak were floating on the water all over. We could not turn it around because our barbecue tongs were not functioning correctly. The steaks were not yet ready and the children were playing with them.

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      Hi Mandy,

      Hope you keeping well and warm!

      Sitting: resting, indecision
      Dam: Spiritual resources, Holy Spirit
      Small waves: Move of the Holy Spirit are small
      Steak (problem, floating): Word of God – lacking influence and direction
      Tongs (not working, children playing): Accuracy of God’s Word is not working because a limiting factor is stopping you from changing this, immature Christians do not see the sensitivity of the situation

      You are struggling to decide what to do about a current situation, the move of the Holy Spirit has been small because the Word of God is lacking in influence and direction to a particular situation/s and although you are trying to change this by remaining accurate it isn’t working because a limiting factor is stopping it; immature Christians around you do not see the sensitivity or the seriousness of the situation.

      Seek the leading of the Holy Spirit and keep the Word of God as part of your spiritual walk/condition. He will show you the way forward.

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      Hi Unge,

      Thank you for your interpretation. By looking at the symbols myself I realized that the word of God is not yet prepared in my heart as well as the people around me, specifically when it comes to the vast resources available to us that are symbolized by the dam. So you are right, we are a bit indecisive regarding how we should deal with the situation and what we should do to rectify this matter or to solve this matter in our hearts, so that we can see the fruit of such a step.

      Your interpretation helped me to identify this problem and I am now in a better position to deal with it. Thanks

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, a good interpretation. Well done!

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