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      This dream follows a day after my previous dream: Toilet, White tiles and mirrors

      I confronted 4 past friends, particularly Ilze. I confronted her and said to her why is she badmouthing me – she is influencing the others not to talk to me. While I aggressively confront Ilze, Sian’s mom grabs me by my arm and asks me who I think I am? I tell her that Ilze is going around badmouthing me and corrupting the others. We are all in the bathroom including others I don’t know, the four-start speaking in tongues against me pretending to look “religious but they are evil”. Then I and the others start praying in tongues, the four gang up and walk towards me. I bite the one’s index finger and continue to speak in tongues until they turn around and walk out. The others agreed with me that they were evil.

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      GOLDEN KEY: Growth, have been feeling like I’m stuck as if something is holding me back but I do not know what it is.

      Primary Element:

      Secondary Elements:
      In bathroom: sin and unrighteousness, deliverance from sin
      Four past friends, I confront: past weakness, feelings
      Confronted Ilze: confront my pledge of allegiance to past
      Sian mom grabs my arm: relying on my own strength and not on God’s grace
      Bite the one’s index finger: with faith I speak against the lies and accusation against me
      Speaking tongues against past friends: I build myself up through God

      Primary Element:
      Past Friends

      Secondary Elements:
      Ilze – bad mouthing me, influencing others, corrupting others: my pledge of allegiance to the past is fueling my weaknesses
      Other friends – ignore me: feelings ignored
      Speaking in tongues against me (evil): lies and accusations built up against me
      Gang up and walk towards me: they intimidate and cause fear in my life
      Turn around and walk out: leave, successful in overcoming weaknesses and past feelings

      Primary Element:

      Secondary Elements:
      Dreamer: my life
      Past friends: my past weaknesses
      Others, they agree that the past friends were evil: the rest of my feelings/thoughts realize and know that these past weaknesses were a problem

      I overcome and receive deliverance when I confront my past weaknesses and feelings, by this I also confront my pledge/allegiance with who I am in my past. This pledge/allegiance with my past fuels my weaknesses building up lies and accusations against me, intimidating me and causing me to live in fear. I must not rely on my own strength but on God’s grace, I must walk in faith – speaking against the lies and accusations against me building myself up through God, I will overcome my past weaknesses and feelings.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, this is an interesting interpretation. The fact that you seem to be sure what the triggers were indicates that you have interpreted the dream correctly. Sometimes in dreams, our friends can indeed symbolize ideas or attitudes or even doctrines that we are very fond of, which can be a hindrance in a spiritual sense, when it is preventing us from relying on God and his word and being faithful to his will. Well done and congratulations for being able to identify this aspect of dream interpretation.

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