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      It was the end of an event, it was night. I was walking with two other people to our cars, after a while we parted directions. Directions to my car were turn right, go two times straight and on my left was my car. It seemed to be an outside mall. When I got to my car three of the doors were wide open. I saw a thief digging in the driver side of my car. I went up to him, grabbed him by the collar and flunked him out. I then got into my car and closed all the doors from the inside; I started the car but when I tried to drive I saw that there was no steering wheel – the thief had broken my steering wheel and broken my radio. I also remember seeing greasy fingerprints on the area of where the steering wheel used to be. I couldn’t go anywhere so I called Stefan to come tow me.

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      GOLDEN KEY: I’m trying to find my identity, what my future is, what God has put me on this earth to do. Direction of where I need to go and what I need to do.

      Primary Element:

      Secondary Elements:
      End of an event: situation
      Night: evil in a situation, separation from God
      Walking with two people to our cars: others
      Directions – turn right, go twice straight, go left: Make right decisions, staying on the right path but negative influences come
      Parking – outside mall: to leave – what I show
      Grabbed thief by collar and flunked him out: attend to it and remove it
      I got into my car: I take control of my life/situation
      I closed all the doors: closed, dealt with my heart
      I started the car: I start to take control
      Called Stefan to come and tow my car: supportive role

      Primary Element:
      Car (business situation, life)

      Secondary Element:
      On my left: negative influences
      Three of doors were open: entries to my life, heart-mind-soul-body
      Thief digging in driver side: devil trying to take control
      No steering wheel (thief broke my steering wheel and radio, left grease fingerprints on it): devil taking trying to control my life/business situation, can’t hear from God. Devil being exposed by expediting the progress his made

      In the end of an evil situation/business situation I make right decisions and stay on the right path but negative influences from the enemy come and enter my life (mind, body and soul) trying to take control of me. I don’t want to live like this anymore so I attend to it by removing the places the enemy had come in and tried to take control of. As I start to try and take control I realize it is the devil all along, he exposed himself by seeing the progress of destruction in my life he had caused; he tried to take control over a business situation and my life stopping me from hearing from God. As I realize this I call on God and ask Him to take a supportive role and lead me.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, this was a good and correct interpretation. You have successfully identified all the triggers and you understood the symbols correctly. You also understood what had to be done to rectify this issue. Well done!

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