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      This dream follows my previous dream: Stolen Steering wheel and broken radio

      I dreamt that I was looking for the right toilet, one I’m least exposed on although there was none – it was as if the bathrooms were renovated. Each toilet was “exposed”, I sat on the one – next to it was a shower. The walls were white tiled and there were mirrors everywhere, hence it felt like I was “exposed”. I saw Lerato there with me.

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      GOLDEN KEY: In the process of healing

      Primary Element:

      Secondary Elements:
      Bathroom, renovated: repented and delivered from sin, being renovated in life.
      Lerato: Song of my soul, love

      Primary Element:
      Toilet: heart – seeking repentance and confession, seeking a place to be cleansed

      Secondary Elements:
      Exposed: not wanting to get healing in a public setting
      Looking for the right toilet: looking for the right place/issue?
      Looking for one least exposed: struggling to find a place that is private to deal with issue
      Next to shower: repentance

      Primary Element:

      Secondary Elements:
      White tiled: righteousness – the heart
      Mirrors everywhere: reflection of heart

      I am searching for the right places in my heart that needs repentance and confession, I want to do it in private and not in a public place. Each sin, pain, bitterness, unforgiveness are being exposed publicly but I privately seek repentance; repentance cleanses my heart from unrighteousness. My heart now reflects righteousness and my soul is filled with love.

      As I continue seeking the places in my heart that needs to be cleansed, I will reach righteousness and love.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, it is not easy to get delivered and healed from emotional sins like hate or bitterness, or unforgiveness. This fact was revealed in the dream. We all want privacy when dealing with such issues. So this dream was a reflection of your feeling about this. Anyway, you have nailed the interpretation. Well done.

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