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      Hi everybody, This morning I suddenly saw a huge green number 5 in a vision.

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      Hi Daniel,

      Firstly let’s take a look at the meanings of the symbols in your vision:

      Green: Is a positive colour. It is a symbol of prosperity, growth and life. It is a symbol of prosperity, growth and life. It speaks of peace of mind. It symbolizes the peace of God. The peace of God is nothing but spiritual (soul and spirit), physical (health) and material (financial) blessings. The colour green therefore speaks of a prosperous financial situation and other spiritual blessings. To say “it is well with my soul” can only be true when you are healthy. Real peace (peace of mind): nothing broken, nothing lacking, and nothing missing.
      Five: Symbolizes fruitfulness and fertility. It symbolizes God’s grace to men in terms of provision and financial blessings. The number 5 speaks of the blessings of God which speaks of life.
      Huge: A symbol that is excessively big in dreams and visions symbolizes the following: the huge green 5 speaks of a big or a huge financial blessing.


      Daniel this vision indicates that you will suddenly receive a big financial blessing.

      It also speaks of God’s grace to you in terms of provision and financial blessings. God is going to bless and prosper you financially and physically (in your health). You will also be blessed with other spiritual blessings.

      He is going to give you peace of mind, real peace. You will not lack anything. This is a very positive and encouraging vision. This is going to happen SUDDENLY. Get ready. Praise God.

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      Hi Princess, thank you so much for your interpretation. I can really relate to what you said and the fact that this means that God is going to bless me is just awesome!

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      Hi Princess, you did very well with your interpretation. However, there is a problem which is not your fault but actually ours. We failed to update the dictionary with the positive aspects of symbols when it comes to the sizes of positive symbols. We will update this in the near future.

      A huge positive symbol (like the big number 5) speaks of a great or huge spiritual blessing or financial blessing. So this is not negative at all.

      So I say again, it was not your fault. We will update the online dictionary as well as the paid version of the dictionary as soon as we can. Apart from this, your interpretation is spot on. Well done!

      Sarah (Moderator)

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