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      Hi there,

      I had a dream the other day that bothers me a bit. In the dream this dog aggressively confronted me. I then killed the dog. I do not know how I did, but, all I know is that I killed it and it was just lying there, dead and motionless. In the dream, I supernaturally knew that the dog came from or belonged to my brother-in-law, whom I have a lot of respect for. This person, in real life, was always like a father to me and I really love him (he is quite older than me and a very trustworthy and a good person).

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      It is a spiritual aspect in the lives of Christians to crucify (kill/death) the desires and works of the flesh. God is showing you what is happening in this person’s life whom you have a brotherly love for. The relationship between you and him is emphasized. Which is a relationship of the love of a brother and a father. Your relationship will be an important factor in this person’s life.
      There is coming an end (death) of a season of uncleanness or sexual sins, self-righteousness, violent aggressiveness, sins etc.. (dog). This a positive outcome.

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