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      I dreamt about my deceased mother who committed suicide( I state this because it makes my dream a bit tricky to interpret. For me that is..
      My mother and I were fondling each other on the bed and kissing, something happened that caused me to get off the bed,but then came back to resume our foreplay.
      As per the dream manual my mother could be the Holy Spirit.
      So I am struggling to understand this dream.

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      Hi Dino,

      This dream is indeed about the Holy Spirit. There was a situation where you did not have that close of a relationship with him but that was restored. Remember, we are supposed to have a love relationship with Jesus Christ and not the Holy Spirit. So, if this is a positive dream, then it speaks of you being led by the Holy Spirit and you considering the Holy Spirit. So that stopped but it was restored again (left bed and back again). It does not speak of a very intimate love relationship because that is what we have with Christ, our heavenly groom, and husband.

      The dream could be negative if it is about you trying to give the Holy Spirit the love relationship that you are actually supposed to have with Christ. I do not know because I do not know what type of relationship you have with the Holy Spirit.

      Basie Martins wrote a post about the wrong type of relationship that people are trying to have with the Holy Spirit. Click on the link below if you want more information about this:

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      Thank you, spot on.

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