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      2 separate dreams upon 2 different wakings, same morning. My husband and I have recently been dealing with new found porn addiction and lying on his part and I have been angry and struggling with forgiveness.

      I had a glass of wine in front of me in a white mug and there was flour around the inside of the cup and as I added wine to the cup I could see the flour mixing with the wine a little bit. No negative feeling associated with the wine. Also something about a very small baby to my right and my breast’s were full of milk so I could feed it though I don’t believe it was my baby.

      My step father was to my right and my mom was in front of me and she was saying that a gal that was standing between her and i could have a bottle of alcohol and I felt like I wanted one but knew I couldn’t drink. (Prior alcoholic) Then my step dad had said something about me not finishing something correctly at work and he gave a repercussion that was going to last an hour but I don’t recall what it was. I gave my defense and in the dream it felt like a sound argument but there was still a repercussion.

      There was a lot of stuff I had gotten rid of from a house I was staying in and it was all lined up in a ditch outside the house, very messy, then a car drove by, left to right, who ever I was standing with knew them, the car stopped and reversed to us, green car. Then there was a girl that handed me money and she wanted me to give her weed, though as we talked I wasn’t aware immediately that’s what she was talking about but after she handed the money to me she made a comment, I feel like she was saying that “I already know” (like what she wanted, and I was under the impression we were talking about the fact that she was black), but it was about the weed. I went looking for it and in what ever house we were in (not a house i recognize) we had smoked it, there were a few people none of which I knew, then I dumped the bowl and it was a big lump of black ash. In the same setting but different scene I was rearranging and I heard my grandfather come into the house with a woman and what ever they were talking about I disapproved of, something about fornication, and he walked up to me behind me and I said I had heard enough. Thought momentarily about the fact that we had just smoked weed in the house and my grandpa was going to smell it. There was a woman in a shear shirt and you could see all of her breasts and my husband was to my left and I was getting irritated that she was standing there like that (she was top left) I kept looking at him to see if he was looking at her. Then I moved a dresser and it was falling apart so I let it go and it completely fell apart, grabbed a different dresser near by and put that where I wanted it, then my mom handed me a zip lock bag that was shear black, I looked at it and it was the pipe with weed in the bag, then my mom asked me how committed I was to having the (I feel like she said pool table) against the wall to the right where I was gonna put that broken dresser, didn’t give an answer, then the woman in the shear shirt who was facing a sliding glass door stopped(top left), I felt her dismay, there was something outside in the dark and she shut the door and said run, then it switched immediately to me being alone (though I kind of feel like my mom was standing in the room somewhere, top left) in a bed in the dark laying on my back and there was a grotesque long hand with long pointy fingernails reaching for me on the left side of the bed then I looked to the right and there was a dark figure with long scraggly hair, couldn’t see a face but it was darkness and evil, she was kneeling right next to me at about my hips on the bed leaning in towards me and I started rebuking her and calling out to Jesus, telling her to leave and get out but she wouldn’t leave, then the hand from the side of the bed got a hold of my hand and I was trying to get my hand free, eventually I was able to shake myself awake

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