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      Hi there, please help with this dream. I dreamt that I had a piece of meat, about 3-6 mm thick, glued to my left leg. The one end was a little thicker than the other end. I wanted to peel it off but didn’t because I realized that I would bleed a lot. I suspected that the glued part probably became one with my flesh.

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      Hi Mandy! It’s me again… is truly interesting that you are having so many dreams about meat, I feel that the Word of God is all you need to succeed in your life. As you keep God’s Word allow the flow of the holy Spirit to lead and guide you completely.

      Meat: Word of God
      Glued: influence
      Left leg: spiritual condition
      Peel off: remove
      Bleed: hurt, wound, lose your spiritual position
      One flesh: You have a part in fulfilling God’s master plan

      The dream is all about your spiritual condition in God and His word; your spiritual condition is being influenced by the Word of God and it has become a part of your walk in life, the fulfilling of God’s plan for your life. If you remove God’s Word from Your walk of life you will get hurt, wounded and lose your spiritual position.

      As you can see apart from God’s Word we cannot do anything, I encourage you today to continue in keeping God’s Word and don’t stray from it, listen carefully and closely as the Holy Spirit leads you in all your ways.

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      Amen, now that you have mentioned it, I was a bit disappointed lately that the word of God does not always bring a quick and rapid change in our lives and in our circumstances. I became a bit dishearted and stopped declaring the real true word of God in my life and in my circumstances.

      I hear what you are saying, I must not stop but rather keep allowing the word of God to influence my steps and actions and the way I live before God.

      Thank you so much.

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      Hey Mandy:)
      I’m so grateful! God bless you always!

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, you did well with this interpretation. Well done!

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