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      Robin Espinosa

      March 18, 2021.

      I am standing in a open field. A small river is to the left side of me. I see people by the river. I see Jesus, the brightest blue eyes, wearing a blue and white robe. He was calling up a few certain people he had chosen. He called my name and I remember feeling elated and so happy for being called. There were no words spoken but I understood him in my mind. He had this smile that was that was pure love and peace with the whitest teeth. I stepped in front of him on a small pedestal. His eyes were so piercing and beautiful. He then placed his hand on my forehead and the top of my head as if I was being anointed. As I left, I felt a peace I never felt before. Soon after, I was on my back floating up towards the blue and white sky, spinning very slowly upwards.


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      Hi Robin,

      Usually, when we experience something like you did, it is God getting involved in our lives in a supernatural way, usually to confirm something but also for impartation purposes. It is important to understand how Jesus chose to “appear” to us every time that it happens. In this case, He chose to emphasize the following: A blue and white robe. This speaks of Him being prepared for life and ministry with righteousness, victory, purity, and holiness (white) and a symbol of Heaven and the divine authority and the revelation of the Holy Spirit or revelation knowledge (blue).

      He smiled at you and that symbolizes favor. He is for you. You also experienced his love and peace.

      He also chose to appear to you next to a river: A river speaks of a huge or abundant flow of financial provision and/or spiritual blessings.

      He also chose to reveal to you that you have been called and chosen for something specific, usually in the spiritual areas that were displayed in the dream (blue and white clothes, the river, love, peace, favor).

      The elevated pedestal symbolizes you being promoted and set aside and the hand on your head was an impartation that literally happened. You were literally anointed for this special calling.

      The slowly floating up to heaven is probably the result of all this. You will, over time, get filled with heavenly “things” and your relationship with Christ will become more and more intimate and heavenly and divine. It means that you will experience more of heaven as time passes.

      This was a divine impartation and an anointing dream. It means that He gave you everything that all the symbols represent. It is yours and it will cause spiritual growth and development.

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      Robin Espinosa

      Wow! Thank you for your reply. I just recently rededicated my life for God but this time I have such a hunger for him and his presence.

      In my dream I also saw Jesus’ eyes. They were so blue. Does this mean spiritual revelation?

      Thank you again! God bless you

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      Basie Martins

      Yes, it does. Whatever you saw in Jesus and whatever you saw him reveal to you, symbolizes the areas that He blessed you with. You looking into those blue eyes does speak of divine revelation in your life.

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