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      Chris B

      Hi everybody, I had a dream the other day about a spaceship: The dream was about me and people with me that had to be launched in a spaceship. However, the ship was not functioning completely as it should. It was as if something was wrong. The spaceship looked a lot like a jumping castle with corner posts. I had the impression that the ship was in a preparation phase so that it could be launched in an unorthodox way, an easier and simpler way.

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      Hi Chris B,

      Let’s first take a look at the meanings of the symbols before I attempt to interpret your dream for you.

      Spacecraft: SYMBOLIZE a call from the Lord for fasting and prayer. It takes a lot of engine power and it takes a lot of fuel to launch a rocket or spacecraft into space. It is not easy to break out from the earth’s gravity force and the earth’s atmosphere. This symbolizes the fasting process which is also difficult at first but gradually becoming easier.

      The calling of an apostle can also be symbolized by a spaceship.

      Four corner posts: (I will use the same meaning as pillars)
      Pillars SYMBOLIZE a person who is very reliable in a certain situation or in a church or in a work situation. It speaks of spiritual strength, firmness and support.


      In my opinion, in this dream you have the calling of an apostle symbolized by a spaceship. There are other people who will be working closely with you and supporting you in this calling. There is however a serious problem and that is that the four elders or mature Christians who are supposed to be in a supportive capacity are not doing what they are supposed to be doing and that is why your spaceship (calling) looked like a jumping castle in your dream. It speaks of the foundation being shaky. No corner support They are not supporting you.The four elders or mature Christians might have thought it was too difficult to do what was expected of them (to support you), and were preparing for the launch of your calling in a wrong way, contrary to what is usual, traditional or accepted because it seemed easier to them.

      I feel this is a warning to you to be very cautious who you choose to work with you in your calling. Make sure they are what they say they are spiritually and that they do what they are supposed to do and that is to be a major support to you in your calling.

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      Chris B

      Hi Princess,

      The guys who are in this with me are very committed and pure of heart. But I can relate to your interpretation in the sense that we are all new at this and not experienced. So yes we do make mistakes and you were probably right about us not knowing what we are doing. It is however just because of a matter of inexperience. Thank you for your interpretation. It reminded me that we need to grow spiritually so that we can flow into our ministries. To me, this means that we need to persist but that we also need to seek God’s face for wisdom.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Princess, a good interpretation. Well done!

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