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      11/6/2022 airport with dad
      I had this dream a little over a month after my mom died. My parents had just moved back from Arizona to live with me but mom only lived for five months after moving back.

      Dad and I were trying to get to the airport. There were several people going with us, they went on ahead but dad and I got delayed. At one point we had called a cab and I said how far are we from the airport? We need to get there by 6.
      I called the airport and they said they had a reservation for us at 615 then the plane would leave after that, so dad and I just decided to hurry and run instead of taking the taxi.
      I was packing stuff up from the house we had been staying at and someone had taken our things to the airport. Along the way I had lost my purse I had no idea where so I couldn’t go back to get it. As we were going I realized I had left my pants somewhere and I stopped at a shop to find some, I was looking at shorts, they were men’s cargo shorts though.
      We were running through doorways of people’s houses and back out to the streets and I had opened one door and gramma Hamrick (my dads long deceased mom) was standing there. I hugged her and kissed her and said it’s so good to see you but I have to hurry. Dad stayed there with her and I continued on to the airport.

      Vehicle (Airport) An airport symbolizes spiritual conference. This is the place where spiritual ministries take off and land. The last acts of preparation for this ministry are carried out at the airport. Some incidents in dreams and visions on an airport can reveal some last minute preparation.
      An airport also symbolizes the end of a spiritual ministry. A person arriving at an airport is in fact at the beginning of a spiritual ministry. It can also indicate the end of a spiritual ministry which is very rare.

      A purse in dreams and visions symbolizes the spiritual treasures of the kingdom of God pertaining to the maintaining of our spiritual well-being. The purse usually contains only the spiritual treasures that we accepted and received. There are sometimes spiritual treasures that we do not accept and receive because of disobedience and a lack of faith.
      Purses in dreams and visions usually contain a wallet with money, which is the word of God. See “Money” for a better understanding of this symbol. It also contains those things and those little gadgets that we value most to look after ourselves. Things like lipstick, a nail set, tissues, etc.

      Trousers speak of the power and strength of a person in terms of being spiritually prepared for ministry. Human beings stand on their legs, which speaks of power. Trousers cover the legs which symbolize the strength and power of a person. The color and the length of the trousers reveal more information about a persons spiritual strength and power and also their weaknesses.

      In dreams and visions, the number six symbolizes man’s will and willingness. It speaks of man’s willingness to accept God and the will of God in his life.

      In dreams and visions, the number 15 symbolizes the grace of God and the salvation of God.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Gina,

      This is not a prophetic dream. It is an emotional restoration dream. The airport and the flight that you are trying to catch in the dream are both prominent aspects. In this case, the airport and the flight are not about a global ministry or about a spiritual ministry but about motivation and willingness to deal with life and its challenges in America. The motivations are the motivations of not yours only but the motivation of everybody’s.

      It is about coping with everything that you experience in the country and personally and in your family. All the commotion and all the little negative incidents and events in the dream indicate what you are struggling with and what bothers you. These little things caused a bit of emotional turmoil and perhaps are still causing some emotional challenges in your life.

      The danger of missing the flight speaks of your concern about whether you and your family, especially your dad, will be able to navigate through life’s challenges. The lost items speak of your concern that you are not prepared to deal with the different challenges and your concerns that you are probably not empowered to deal with life symbolized by the missing trouser. Cargo pants indicate that you are concerned that you are too casual about everything. The lost purse speaks of you feeling that you lack the means and the resources and the ability to deal with everything. Will we be able to successfully deal with all the challenges all around us?

      The number 6 in the dream speaks of your concerns about the willingness of people involved to deal with everything on time as required. The fact that there was a decision that your dad should stay behind with your aunt speaks of your concern about whether he will be able to deal with the challenges of life specifically concerning his motivation and readiness to deal with everything. Will he be willing and motivated?

      So I think you should not be concerned about this dream. It was just an emotional restoration dream and it served its purpose at the time that you had it. It restored your emotions at the time and you should trust God that He will be with you and help you through all the challenges that you and your family are facing.

      Blessings in Christ.

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