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      We were like in a field with grass all over, there was a long white picket fence surrounded by vines there were people picking the vines in a hurry just grabbing and putting them in baskets. When she looked at me, I was taking the vine very slowly and carefully as not to break it. She asked me, why was I doing that and I said that they were special vines because they were grape vines. The leaves were very green, very pretty, yet everyone else was in a hurry just to pick up the vines whether whole or broken, but I was careful and very gentle with the vines. She did not see any grapes on the vines just the leaves.

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      Hi Cruzely,

      This dream appears to be about financial prosperity or blessings. It specifically emphasizes the difference between two types of people: Those who have no respect and responsibility or accountability for or when it comes to finances and spiritual blessings (reckless with no regard for what they actually have) and those who do (actually your sister). In the dream, she actually displayed a “Godly type” of respect and accountability, and responsibility when it comes to finances and the blessings of God.

      This is what branches and leaves and grapes represent:

      Leaves in dreams and visions symbolize the provision of God in the midst of either a period of prosperity or a period of suffering, trials, and misery. God will not leave us or forsake us and although things around us look dire, God is still providing and still looking after us and still healing us.

      In another sense (I do not think this is what is represented in this dream), leaves symbolize the healing ministry in which case it symbolizes the hands of people (the laying on of hands – praying for people). People are trees and their arms are branches and the leaves are their hands and the trunks are their legs and the roots are their feet.

      Do not forget, green leaves and also the grass that you saw often symbolizes spiritual blessings as well. So what I said above about finances is also true for spiritual blessings (I am referring to the way your sister respected and dealt with God’s blessings).

      Grapes symbolize the goodness of God. It is all about his wonderful blessings, spiritually and financially. When we dream of grapes it speaks of God’s promises, grace, and goodness. The land of Canaan with all its blessings was promised by God and it was found to be good. The grapes were particularly huge.

      The fact that there were no grapes on the branches yet speaks of a promise that has not yet come into fulfillment. One wonders if those who are so reckless with the leaves and branches will even receive the promise. I doubt it. However, your sister will receive the blessings of God because it is precious to her.

      Pretty speaks of perfect divine characteristics and very green speaks of more blessings than usual.

      Oh before I forget, fences speak of a divide, if this is the right way to put it. It is white because it is God who discerns the real attitudes in our hearts. He knows how we feel or act when it comes to dealing with his wonderful blessings. He has put your sister on the one side and those other people on the other side of the picket fence (not in the dream but the presence of that symbol suggests this). So what all this really means depends on the trigger. Your sister should probably know which incident triggered this dream but I can assure you, God is proud and happy about her attitude.

      As I said, when she identifies the correct trigger, that trigger may change the meaning of this dream or it may shed more light on the real meaning.


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      (Field, Green, Grass) On a season of temporary financial and or personal spiritual blessings and prosperity, bringing a season peace.
      The careful sister speaks of care and caution handling matters.
      Branches in the bible speaks about us; the church. This could speak about new born christians under the protection and safety of the Almighty(Fence)and now ready to be replanted carefully into what God is providing for them(Basket).
      Or it could also mean the goodness of God and spiritual blessings which should be treated with gratitude and reverence.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Cruzely, this was a very good attempt. I assume you refer to people as branches in the sense that people should bear fruit. The Bible also says that He is the vine and we are the branches. So with this aspect, you did shed a bit of more light on another symbol of people, referring to the fact that people must bear fruit. Well done!

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      Thank you Sir.
      I am having so much fun with this class and the dictionary. It is what I had been waiting for. For such a long time I had wanted to interpret dreams because I have been a dreamer from childhood. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your ministry.

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