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      Fully Restored

      My husband and I had gotten in an argument over the trash being taken out at mom and dads. I felt un appreciated.
      Next I’m at this little food vendor and they are calling for storms. Saying that everyone will eventually head to North because of all the storms in our area. I sensed they were man made.
      So I offer to take this young girl working there to Terre DU Lac (a town to my left) because I was picking up my daughter anyway. The other girl she was working with was mad because she didn’t want to stay and work out a plan.
      We get to this building and Jen( a Sunday school teacher who had missed a lot of church) is upstairs and I challenge that and say that you really want to be downstairs and not close to windows so the kids and I take off. Headed to find My husband, my son spots tornados forming and we get out and try to find a ditch. It’s full of people. Literally piled.
      I step on some of them and get to the front thinking we would be hit first but I start to challenge the clouds that I am a daughter of the I am. And it completely dissipated.
      Then I’m explaining that to someone, but like it had lost power when it wasn’t from the actual person believing that. I knew Dust was at home and we were trying to get back to him. While in that group of people, mom and Aunt and Uncle show up and Jess dog is being inappropriate with me. I had also told her that her daughter looked like Judy Garland. Her favorite childhood character.
      She had a lot of red on. And purple nails. I think.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully Restored,

      My first observation: This dream involves more than just you and your immediate family, also family members not staying with you and even strangers (many people).

      My second observation: There is some interaction interaction between you and all these people (family and strange people). It is obvious that not only the strangers but even your family members and fellow Christians are not ready to face these storms. They are backslidden and busy with other stuff. The dog symbolizes either a person or people who are backslidden or out of control (filled with lust)

      My third observation: All of you are under some threat of man-made storms and tornadoes. As you know, storms represent difficult and challenging circumstances. Tornadoes represent the same but it is life-threatening (probably in a spiritual sense in the dream)

      My fourth observation: You almost forgot your Godgiven power of authority, which you did use and it had the results that you wanted. Unfortunately, you are standing a bit alone. Nobody is actually helping you and supporting you. This is why you probably feel unappreciated. I think you are sometimes experiencing quite difficult circumstances and it appears that you do not always get the support that you need. It is as if you have to look after everybody, help them, give them advice and you are not appreciated.

      I suspect that this is an emotional restoration dream, but, if it is a warning of such circumstances coming your way (meaning if not an emotional restoration dream), then you must pray and prepare yourself for these circumstances so that you can stay strong and help your family.

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      Fully Restored

      Thank you Brother Martins.
      My heart on this is that it is emotional restoration of events and how God has led me through this different season of the church.
      I’m wondering if my not taking out the trash was me feeling like I didn’t do enough ministering in the old church to expose the garbage there? Moving on to the food vendor, or new place I have part of it in agreement with truth and taking the proper precautions and then some are angry and offended by it like the girl who just wanted the other young girl to stay?
      Or maybe that was even progression of how the past church responded as well. Either way, I think the storms are Covid, and I by the Power of God’s Rhema Word to me, overcame covid last year. I’ve tried ministering that to people but some receive and some do not. Like it’s not something you can parrot, it has to be a belief rooted in your own heart. Just as you shared with me about the heart attach scenario and standing on the pure Word by faith.
      Judy Garland… all that keeps coming about her, is the knowledge I had while doing a book report that she was on pills from childhood to keep her awake and make her sleep?
      The wizard of Oz was my cousins favorite movie.
      We are not even close anymore so her presence in my dreams are confusing.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully restored,

      You are onto something here (the garbage). I thought this part, “My husband and I had gotten in an argument over the trash being taken out at mom and dads. I felt unappreciated”, was not part of the dream but a real-life incident before the dream. If it was part of the dream then you are right. I think you are right about the girls also (both scenarios seem possible). The Julie Garland part and the pills speak of under the influence of other people leading to either ignorance (sleep) or a false sense of not being ignorant (pill to keep awake).

      There must be something about your cousin that is symbolic in this dream.

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      Fully Restored

      The last time I dreamed about her, was this:
      I’m at a family event, seems like at my aunt on my moms side, and there is a baby there that loves my husband and I and my uncle (deceased) begs me to sleep on the couch by her.
      I ask my mom why he doesn’t just take the responsibility of her and sleep on the couch.
      Like he had been under the influence or wanted to stay under the influence instead of assuming responsibility.

      Next I’m in this scene where I’m watching a tv episode of the “amazing story” they call it of a day seven years ago when my cousin was engaged to her husband. Very wealthy man. I meet up with her and we are excited to tell how we’ve come to this place.
      Her family was on vacation in a tropical place and a tsunami hit at the same time she was becoming engaged. She says he just pointed at her while she was walking down the street. That’s how they came to know one another.

      We are now in a bathroom, and I’m looking at a can of coffee in the trash can. This is after getting our plates with her husband and we switch them. She likes what I had ordered and I was really the one who liked what she had had ordered by her husband. The fish and healthy plate. She wanted all of my croutons. I had eaten one and it was super soggy. She was asking me details about how I had met my boyfriend or the guy who likes me and I seemed uninterested him in. I told her if we had even kissed I didn’t remember it. But I don’t recall this man she’s talking about being my husband in real life.

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