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      Hi Smidge,

      A typewriter and paper have similar meanings as a pen and paper. A writing pen is used to write things down. We actually record things so that we do not forget them. A pen in dreams and visions, therefore, symbolizes us pondering on past events and past incidents. The color of the pen will reveal more detail on the nature of the things we are pondering on.
      A pen catching fire while writing with it speaks of the anointing of God on a person to write books or something similar. It is a request from God to write a spiritual book or to record things under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. A black pen speaks of a person who remembers or ponders upon negative reports or testimonies resulting in fear and unbelief and depression. A golden pen speaks of a person who gives testimonies of things he experienced that inspire faith. A red pen speaks of a person who tends to remember past conflicts, problems, bad experiences, and disasters. A white pen speaks of a person who gives testimonies that brings victory and righteousness.

      If the paper was empty, it speaks of the need for a new beginning (a starting over or a new start on a blank page) to record the right stuff to remember. A typewriter and paper are more formal than a pen and paper. It speaks of being serious about putting things into remembrance. When we put something to paper it speaks of quite an effort, especially when it is with a typewriter.

      These were just some general thoughts about a typewriter and paper because I do not know what you saw or any other detail.

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