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      Fully Restored

      We were getting ready to take off in a plane to get home in a hurry.
      Like from Colorado or somewhere.
      It was my mom and I.
      The man speaking to us before boarding the plane was speaking of how we “should” make it through the tornado or possible storms coming up because of the scientific pilot and Jesus.
      Something about him was off to me and I immediately told mom i wasn’t boarding this plane.
      We got in a little argument and I went to my aunts house where I wasn’t sure if the door was open after I started changing clothes.
      My aunts new husband was in the other room.
      Then my other aunt is asking me questions about the Word and I’m planning on a 16 hour drive
      Next I’m in a bathroom with my friend noticing my hair has turned grey just like hers
      I’m thinking my husband may be shocked or not like it and thought of coloring it
      I move into us looking for the class we are supposed to teach
      I go in the classroom and start asking the class, kind of like breaking the ice on the first day,
      The difference between Ms. and Mrs.
      Then I look at My friend and have a hard time thinking of what name I should write on the board.
      I say Mrs. Rector which is an old friend from a different season of my life. He’s
      Another part, my mom is trying to buy a house as she sold her other one.
      I’m trying to talk her into not settling.
      We drive by one in town and it’s like an old apartment type right on top of another. I remind her of the nice one she wanted with three bedrooms.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully Restored,

      I will interpret your dream as soon as you answered the question below:

      Is this correct? I say Mrs. Rector which is an old friend from a different season of my life. He’s Hawaiian.

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      Fully Restored

      Yes. I had said that in hesitation.
      Like I didn’t know what to write, as I was sharing with them on the topic.
      This guy I was thinking of is Hawaiian. We were always really good friends. Way back in high school.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully Restored,

      These dreams (different scenes) all have something in common, and that is that they are all about transitioning (moving from one place to another). The plane is about getting from one place to another safely through difficult circumstances (tornado and storms), the “changing clothes” is all about changing your preparation for life or for ministry, whilst you are feeling a bit exposed about it (door possibly open and your aunt’s husband possibly watching and seeing you exposed (naked) in the middle of the transitioning process), the hair turned to grey and you feeling insecure about it speaks of another transitioning process, and again you feel exposed about this transitioning process as well, the difference of Ms. and Mrs. even suggest the differences between not married with married which suggests another transitioning process and then lastly, your mom selling one house to go to another is again about transition (moving from one place to another).

      A few things are clear about all this: It was probably emotional restoration dreams because of you being concerned about what your husband will think of your grey hair and what your aunt husband will think when he sees your vulnerable moment (being naked). All the transitioning processes are usually a bit challenging for anybody.

      I identified certain aspects that are concerning for you: The fact that a strong worldwide ministry (airliner and the representative) could not guarantee a safe flight. A safe change in preparation (clothes and open door), being tested on the word of God (by your aunt), your thoughts because of the grey hair (I think in this case the grey does not symbolize wisdom and experience but rather negative thoughts (black and white mixture gives grey speaking of good thoughts mixed with bad thoughts) and your thinking of disguising those negative thoughts by dying it another color, the Ms and the Mrs speaks of being committed as in an agreement or a covenant or not at all committed.

      If the mother in the dream represents the Holy Spirit then you may be in a situation where all this transitioning is causing a bit of “arguing” between you and the Holy Spirit, which is not sin, by the way, but, it may be that you struggle to identify the right thing to do. I do not know what the trigger was but there are definitely some circumstances that may cause or which have already caused insecurities and emotional ups and downs.

      The surname “Rector” means the following: The official who has charge of a church. So Mrs. Rextor speaks of the wife of the the person who has charge of the church. The church is the bride and wife of Jesus Christ and we are in an agreement or covenant with Him.

      Your deciding to write “Mrs. Rector” probably speaks of you acknowledging that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and that we should be committed to him. This is the “icebreaker” in the class.

      Maybe you can identify the trigger which will make the interpretation easier for me.

      Blessings in Christ

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      Fully Restored

      Thank you so much Brother Martins.
      Couple of things. My mom in real life has recently moved into a new house. Both residential and was looking for another church as she left where we are going.
      The captain of the airliner or whoever was boarding us, made me hesitant, because of the application of “science”?
      Everything else I can see exactly what you’re seeing.
      The man who could have seen me undress, is actually a former Pastor who has recently left his wife and position because of an affair he had with my husband’s aunt. They’ve repented and gotten married. My heart is for him and so many that I see trapped in religious activity with no true hope in Christ.
      The grey haired woman is my best friend and both of our hearts are the same towards walking in the fullness of what God has. She began to teach the class with me. After writing that name on the board, I began to hand out snacks. Not healthy ones, but rather treats. My daughter was to the right. I don’t remember if I walked towards her to the right or she was at the top right wanting some of the food. But I knew she was well taken care of?

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