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      We were in a large place outside, and me and my husband and other people were walking around, but we were not all together, but different couples walking separately. It was like a place outside we were visiting, then it was time for us all to gather into a room.
      I was thinking I would take my coat off before going into the room but I did not. The coat was white fur coat with little bits of light brown at first, then later, when I took it off inside it was a dark or black not-fur coat. I saw women friends with their husbands. I also knew that one particular woman did not like me and she was looking at me. The people in the room were all on my left side. And there are no colors except for my hair. Then I turned right and was looking in a mirror trying to comb the hair on the sides, away from my hanging in my face. This hair was very thick nappy black shoulder length hair. The hair on top of my head was the same textured thick hair but bold bright red on top. I managed to get the hair on the sides combed back neatly. It seemed these people were women with their husbands, and this place was about couples. But the husbands we’re not really seen, but I knew they were there. Only the women I saw.

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      Being in a relationship as a couple. This is about a woman who is walking by sight. Two represents an agreement or union of 2. This room is not a personal house but a public place. So, this room represents the public side of a woman in her relationship to other people.
      The coat was white with little bits of light brown at first, then later it became a dark or black and not fur coat. Could represent presenting a false righteousness, false purity, or a façade and the NEED TO DISCERN. But actually is under the cover of spiritual darkness. How she wants to present herself to others is about vanity. Not seeing things clearly but seeing in the natural. God is showing the mind that is being attacked with demonic strategies, and situations. This person who is continuously having thoughts of conflict, disunity, confrontation, vengeance, and fury.
      God is showing The need to protect the mind. (the helmet of salvation does this) This person may feel that they are not liked by particular people or accepted by the church. There are many couples like herself who have been an influence her all her life (past and present), but in the future, her actions need to be for her to see the truth of the matter. The Need to have a face to face encounter with God to see who she is. The need for Salvation.

      I could not understand how this could be about me for the above reasons. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of “Substitution”. Now it all made sense. God showing me what that person is going through and feeling. (this brought tears to me).
      Then looked back on the Date and discovered the TRIGGER – which is on that night I had a discussion with the person on the phone “THE GOLDEN KEY” who happens to be in a homosexual relationship (couple). She had a very bad and stressful week. That makes it so clear as to why I could never see men in the couples, only the women visible yet they were standing with their partner. In their view, as I felt in the dream that partner is actually a husband to them. Remember, this is from the subject’s viewpoint. And through all her life there has been the influence of this kind of relationship; and at the same time feeling Persecuted/disliked by the Church. (the woman who disliked her).
      This dream is so powerful, that I felt the need to share it because God is showing the truth of things and to see through other’s eyes. Jesus died for all of us. People have the need but don’t see it. The desperate need to escape the darkness and blindness that Satan puts on our minds.
      In This Dream the Symbol “A couple of two, but you only see 1 sex” clearly represented homosexuality. I thank the Lord God for his revelation truth and giving us wisdom and understanding.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Sparkle, what an interesting dream. I also think that you have nailed it with your interpretation. It is clear in the dream that same-sex people desire to be excepted and not to be condemned. However, all the symbolism in the dream exposed the unnatural and contrasting truths so clearly. The bottom line is that they cannot be accepted as normal and acceptable because of the sexual sins that these people are involved in. It is an abomination before God and the Bible preaches quite the opposite when it comes to the actions that the church needs to take about such people. We just cannot accept the behavior of these people in the church as we are so often pressured to do.

      Anyway, a good interpretation and a good identification of the trigger. Well done!

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