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      “I went to a business like a warehouse (blue collar) place. I was walking up an aisle they had very high row of shelves on my right side. There was a white woman that entered from a huge doorway on the right side of the aisle. She had her two pet dogs hanging on by their teeth to whatever she was carrying at chest level. The dogs’ arms and legs were folded up under them and not dangling. She was walking left to right on opposite side of the aisle.

      I knew she was playing with the dogs and one of the dogs is vicious and dangerous, and I could not let him know I was there. So, I am hiding as I am walking right to left toward the front of the aisle. I made eye contact with her moving my lips without sound telling her that I was here. And she was pleasantly smiling at me and lightly nodded to indicate she knows to keep the dogs from knowing.

      And I looked behind me and saw the not dangerous dog who is a black terrier and he was just standing there looking at me. I woke up.”

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      A woman Whom I have favor with (smiling) is having a backsliding spirit (dog), striving in her works or walking away from where God called. A woman who is unappreciative and blasphemous, ripping valuable things to pieces as if it has no value (black dog). Having a negative attitude. This person is working out her salvation (dogs hanging by their teeth) and is not willing to hear and obey God’s will (hiding). Secretive in motivations and actions.
      She has strength, vitality and the ability to endure (chest). But her own strength and ability to move forward is week (dog legs curled up). There is a spiritual attack, and she is losing spiritual ground or backsliding. The number two (2 dogs) could represent her relationship with God. Or this could also mean a union with another person; or dividing light from darkness.

      She acts in specific ways, like playing games (playing with the dogs), in order to achieve spiritual blessings and breakthroughs. Life is not easy for her. This could be a warning from God (danger and fear) that if she does not obey God, something bad will happen. She could be in bondage. Although the experience is negative, she will have good and positive result. Victory and deliverance are on the way, usually due to repentance and prayer (negative symbol moving left to right).

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Sparkle, this is a good interpretation. Your understanding of the symbols and your identification of the possible triggers were both well done. I agree that this is probably about her backsliding.

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