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      Fully Restored

      I dreamed this young man was walking down my driveway towards my house. My daughter had found him in the camper and now he was facing us with a bow and arrow.
      I said just go ahead and shoot.
      Then I went through my garage door and hurried and locked it, but thought how could I do that with my daughter outside. My son was in the house already.
      So I went back out.
      I ended up talking him out of it. He turned about to be a homeless young man and I felt sorry for him. I was trying to get him to be able to just stay in the camper but I hadn’t asked my husband yet.
      Then my father in law wants to work on his car in our garage and my husband says no. I’m shocked that after all my father in law did for him, he’s not willing. So I let him in anyway
      Then I’m in this house (not my own) trying to be with my husband but there is a crack in the door where I see my son looking in. From the top left.
      I get up to take a shower.
      Moving towards my son and then to the right. Comforting my son. I told him I would make him a pallet when I got out of the shower, as he was still awake watching tv. I noticed in the dream that there was a wall to my right that just folded back. It made me think of what my kitchen would look like without a wall.
      Next as I’m out of the shower I assume, this same young man comes back again and said he needed $30 rent or some kind of money. As we talked I told him that his heart was never to shoot me. And how he can make something of himself.
      Next I’m with these girls. I don’t know that I recognize them. I’m in one of their cars that is stuck in the mud, brushing my teeth. One of the other ones tells me she’s found water. It’s down a huge cliff. But we just move right on down. I notice it’s mountain run off water and I’m aware it’s getting ready to have high tide or flood. I start to climb and I get to the top first, trying to reach for them but they can’t reach that high. The one girl is saying, “do we at least get that side dish?” She was so hungry she just wanted to eat and die

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      Fully Restored

      The trigger could be that we have recently been camping with our dear friends that we’ve met at church and become very close to. They share our heart. There has been a lot of communication over what to do in some areas of our church that are still institutionalized. We don’t want to gossip but there is something not right about the situation. There is a certain man whom invited us to the original bible studies, but he very much wants to attach himself to leadership in any way. Myself and a few others were asked to share a message during Pastor Appreciation and he was very offended over the matter that he wasn’t chosen. I see him just immature in these issues, but he and his wife are causing a lot of offenses within the church. Several have left already. It seems that the leadership doesn’t want to deal with it because this man is very much a flatterer.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully Restored,

      I will interpret this dream for you during the day tomorrow. Had a very busy weekend.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully restored,

      This dream is partly about doctrines and teachings and the word of God (side-dish, kitchen, and even the water which symbolizes the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the power of the word that is used to water trees and flowers)

      There is some conflict: The man who wants to shoot you with arrows (bitter words of resentment and critique, the husband that does not want the grandpa to use the garage that speaks of repairing ministries)

      There are also some irritating hindrances like the kitchen without a wall, which speaks of your desire for freedom in the house (church), probably so that you can share the truth boldly without hindrances. Walls, in a negative sense, are blockages or camps that keep people in bondage. You also could not lock the garage because your daughter was still outside. This speaks of the little camps in a congregation among the spiritual family members. The homeless man speaks of new people coming in and the work that needs to be done with new people, especially difficult ones.

      The shower speaks of you desiring a bit of refreshment in this regard (I am referring to the “institutionalized” issues that bother you) and you wanting to make a pallet for your son speaks of you wanting to bring rest and peace for the next generation or the babies in Christ by changing things for the better.

      The $30 for rent speaks of people wanting perfect harmony in the church (churchless people want a church but they also want harmony) (In dreams and visions, the number three symbolizes harmony and one accord. It is the number of the Godhead. It speaks of completeness and the perfect testimony. The number 30 speaks of a high degree of need for harmony in this situation)

      So this dream does reflect the interaction in your congregation and the emotions involved. It is probably an emotional restoration dream as the situation in the church bothers you enough to trigger an emotional restoration dream. You need to pray for the people and about the situation. I know that it is never easy to change congregations but it is worth a try. Slowly but surely.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Fully Restored,

      I just want to clarify a few aspects of the dream:

      You brushing your teeth speaks of the need for the congregation to change their attitudes so that they are willing and able to accept and digest the truth (see teeth).

      The person who came for you from the upper left speaks of a person who is in some way elevated (some type of advantage over you like leadership or enjoying protection from leadership, as you mentioned already). From left speaks of this being a negative incident or that it is still in the future (going to happen.

      Mountains in dreams and visions speak of promotions, victories, and/or breakthroughs (strength, power, stability, and majesty). These breakthroughs and victories are achieved through effort and perseverance. People climbing and reaching the top of a mountain speak of victories and promotions through effort and perseverance. The different kinds of mountains symbolize certain additional aspects regarding the victories and breakthroughs that were achieved. So with regard to the other aspects of the dream, the congregation needs breakthroughs. Water flows from mountains to the lower areas (altitudes). This speaks of special people who are willing to put in an effort to meet God on the mountain so that they can receive the “water” from heaven (rain).

      The “runoff water” represents spiritual blessings and of course the word of God that can be used to water plants (people and the church). It brings life. So in this sense, the water is as clean water in regard to the meaning of the water. In the dream, it is clear that the blessing and change are possible but there are also many hindrances that will have to be overcome.

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