G – Symbols Dreams And Visions

G – Symbols Dreams And Visions

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Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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G – Symbols (The meanings or the interpretation of most symbols in this dictionary are derived from the Bible)

Game (Wild game)

Wild game in dreams symbolizes people with untamed actions, attitudes and natures. These kind of people do not want to change and they are really difficult to approach. They are shy and they hide away when confronted. They easily withdraw when spiritual issues or aspects arise. Wild game speaks of an unyielding and untamed behavior caused by fear and stubbornness.

In a positive sense a deer (Psalm 42:1 – As the deer pants for streams of water) speaks of a person who longs for the revelation of God. Also Proverbs 5:19 speaks about the loving nature of the deer. David speaks of God making his feet like the feet of a deer which speaks of a person walking steadfast where he is suppose to walk. In Songs we read about the woman advising her beloved to flee from sexual immorality like the deer. In this sense it speaks of sexual morality.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Games (Sport/Playing)

The games that people play are very important in dreams and visions. Games often speak of a challenge or a battle between two people or groups of people. It speaks of reasoning or debating or arguing over spiritual matters. Just as the purpose with the natural game is to win the match or the game, so in dreams it is all about winning the argument. It is all about convincing other people or another person of a viewpoint. There is nothing wrong with convincing others of a specific viewpoint. The problem is doing so with the wrong attitude of utilizing the wrong method. Playing games in dreams represents confrontation. With some games the confrontation between two people or two groups of people is mild, like in golf, and with other games the confrontation is aggressive and vicious like in rugby or boxing.

Different games reveal the different methods people utilize or the different attitudes that people display when they are getting involved in an argument, a debate or when reasoning about spiritual matters and also non-spiritual matters. It tells us what attitudes people have or should have regarding this aspect of our faith-walk in Christ. Obviously balls and other sports equipment play an important part in dreams. These dreams reveal the different methods or attitudes of dealing with people in terms of Biblical teachings and doctrines, like boxing or rugby while other dreams reveal better alternative methods like golf. Make no mistake, sometimes God wants us to be aggressive like in a boxing match or in a rugby match. Sometimes He wants us to be passive like in a game of golf. Sometimes He wants us to be silent.

Games also symbolize the way that people act to achieve certain spiritual blessings and breakthroughs. Life is not easy and sometimes we need to act in ways symbolized in games and in sports to achieve spiritual breakthroughs, victory and blessings.


People gambling in dreams or visions are people who take chances in stead of seeking God’s plan. In stead of trusting in God they trust in lady luck. They take chances in obtaining financial and spiritual blessings. They do not wait on God and they do not have confidence in God when it comes to provision and blessings.


A gang symbolizes demonic powers. Just as violent gang members do not care about people or about righteousness or morality, killing people standing in their way or for no reason at all, so are the evil people and evil spirits that are symbolized by a gang in dreams. They are dangerous and ruthless. We deal with these people and these spirits the way I explained in the part about snakes (See “Snakes”). You should not fear when you receive a warning from God about this type of threat in your life. It usually means you must praise God whilst resting in his love. Our most effective spiritual warfare strategy is to trust and not to doubt in the protection, the provision and the sustaining power of God. Evil powers cannot harm you at all in any way except when you get involved in sin and in doubt. Please read my post, Most Effective Spiritual Warfare Strategy Ever!. It will set you free and cause you to move on a permanent path of victory.


See “Vehicle (Garage)”.


A garden symbolizes our love relationship with God or with Jesus Christ or in marriage or with other people. A garden is filled with flowers, grass and trees and scrubs. The flowers symbolize praise, honor and respect for each other. The trees symbolize people fellowshipping together. The shrubs symbolize the attitudes that we display towards each other. The grass symbolize prosperity and peace in our relationships. There is usually a wonderful smell hanging around in parts of the garden. This smell is the adoration, the thankfulness and the joy that we feel for each other.

We all know of the love relationship and interaction depicted (in a garden) in the Song of Solomon which is a shadow or a type of the love relationship between Christ and the church. A garden should be beautiful and well maintained in order to be enjoyed and to be a feast for the eyes. In dreams we need to look at the condition of the garden to understand the meanings of the different symbols.

Relationships are very important to God. For this reason we often dream of garden tools which are spiritual tools that we can use to maintain our relationships with God and other people. See “Garden (Tools)”.

Garden (Flowers)

In a love relationship we should always show our praise and thanksgiving onto each other. When we dream of giving a flower to a person it speaks of an informal praise and thanksgiving gesture. When we present a bouquet to a person it speaks of honor, praise and thanksgiving bestowed on the person. When we pin a flower on a person’s jacket or dress it speaks of honor or praise bestowed on the person. The colors of the flowers reveal more information regarding the interpretation of the dream. For instance, presenting red flowers to a specific person speaks of a person bestowing praise, honor and thanksgiving to such a person in spite of conflict between them.

See “Flowers” and “Garden”.

Garden (Fork)

A garden fork symbolizes the preparation of people’s hearts in order to receive the word of God (seed) and to accept a love relationship with Christ Jesus and with God our Father. A garden fork speaks of an initial ice-breaking ministry in order to prepare people’s hearts for the gospel. We need the word of God (gospel of Jesus Christ) in order to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior but also as our heavenly Bridegroom. When we receive Jesus Christ in our hearts a wonderful love relationship with Him comes into existence.

See “Garden” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Garden (Neglected)

A neglected garden speaks of a relationship with God or with Jesus Christ or with other people which is neglected. A garden is neglected when it needs attention and care. When the grass is not mowed regularly and if the shrubs are not trimmed, it speaks of a “do not care” attitude in a love relationship.

See “Garden” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Garden (Pick)

A pick symbolizes a person with the ability to work with or to minister to people with hardened hearts in order to open their hearts to receive God’s word. This speaks of much more effort to prepare the hearts of people.

See “Garden” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Garden (Rake)

When we gather fallen leaves and dry pieces of grass we are rounding off the gardening task. Similarly when we rake the soil into patterns or stashing it up near the base of a plant we are rounding off the garden task. This speaks of a gentle ministry that removes the last bits of untidiness and it brings mutual respect and order into a relationship.

See “Garden” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Garden (Spade)

When we move ground out of the way we are creating a place or a spot where a plant can be planted. We are preparing the soil in a more aggressive way than just loosing it with a fork. This moving away of soil is symbolic of a deliverance ministry. This might include the casting out of demons, counseling and the preaching of the fundamental message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In another sense a spade is used to cover or hide objects that we do not want to see like human refuse or items that can become rotten. This speaks of an important element in relationships that we always need to embrace and that is to cover each others’ sins and to forgive each other. We should never focus on each others mistakes, shortcomings and less attractive characteristics but we should keep relationships pure, strong and free from unnecessary negativity.

See “Garden” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Garden (Swamp area or muddy area in garden)

A garden with a swamp area or a muddy area symbolizes unfaithfulness and sin in a love relationship or a marriage.

See “Garden” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Garden (Tools)

We use garden tools to maintain and to cultivate gardens in dreams and visions it speaks of the use of spiritual tools to maintain spiritual gardens. The different tools symbolize different spiritual tools that we have to utilize in order to maintain our spiritual gardens (love relationships with God or other people). Take note that when we see a garden tool in a dream at places that do not appear to be a garden, the connection of garden tools to a garden should not be forgotten. These tools primary function is to prepare the spiritual heart of people for a love relationship with God or other people even if it does not appear that way in a dream. The tool in itself is always a direct connection to our love relationship with Christ, even though we do not see the actual garden in the dream.

See “Garden” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Garden (Wheelbarrows)

A wheelbarrow is utilized to remove weeds and other garden waste. This speaks of ministries like marriage counselors, who help people with broken relationships.

A wheelbarrow also speaks of a ministry of helps. People bear and share each others’ burdens as fellowmen in the kingdom of God.

Gas Station

See “Vehicle (Gas station)”.

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A giraffe symbolizes pride and overly developed self-esteem in spiritual or other matters. The emphases is on the high head which also indicates that it is a pride and a high self-esteem based on intellectual abilities.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Glasses (Spectacles – Dirty with sea sand or clay stuck in frame or on glasses)

Whenever you see dirty glasses (sand or clay) it speaks of fleshly ideas or mindsets hindering or preventing true insight into the word of God or spiritual matters.

See “Eyes”

Glasses (Spectacles – On a Bible)

A person seeing glasses on a Bible in a vision or in a dream speaks of such a person learning or required to learn the word of God in order to get insight into the word of God. Five-fold ministers (teachers) often have dreams of glasses on Bibles. God wants us to prepare ourselves in his word for ministry. We should be competent when it comes to teaching the word of God. This speaks of an in-depth studying of the Scriptures.

See “Eyes”.


We use gloves to protect our hands. It prevents our hands from getting dirty or from getting damaged. Getting damaged speaks of spiritual or financial harm. Getting dirty speaks of getting involved in sin and other activities that is harmful to our souls and our bodies. For these reasons a glove in dreams and visions speaks of the need for adequate precaution and preparation in a particular situation. It speaks of preparation and precaution in order to handle spiritual matters and/or financial issues successfully.

See “Clothing”.


A goat in dreams symbolizes a person who is stubborn or undisciplined or disobedient. It also speaks of a person who is guilty of stubborn reasoning. They usually follow their own ways and they refuse to be led or to follow. It speaks of stiff-necked people who are untrained, untamed, undisciplined and stubborn.

A goat is the opposite of a sheep who willingly and obediently follows. A sheep knows and hears the Shepherd’s voice. A goat does not. A stubborn and a disobedient person does not listen to the Lord and they are open to the influences of evil spirits.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Goat (Black)

A black goat symbolizes evil stubbornness and disobedience. These people are bad, negative and depressing.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.


Usually gold needs to be refined and purified by fire before it’s true value is obtained. Once it is purified it becomes one of the most valuable and sought after precious metals you can find. For this reason gold symbolizes pure holiness and purified, steadfast faith. True holiness and true faith also need to be purified and refined by fire. Faith needs to be tested by fire. Pure gold symbolizes pure or matured faith and pure or matured holiness.


Golf symbolizes well prepared reasoning with long and relaxed arguments often based on personal experience. It is all about the ability of a well experienced golfer who walked the golf course many times before. Such a person rely on incidents in the past and his knowledge of the golf course. He knows how to execute difficult shots successfully. A golfer relies on his own experience in a very positive way.

This is also a God-given way of reasoning about spiritual matters successfully, without causing division, conflict and arguments in the body of Christ. What we see in a golf tournament is that everybody is relaxed. There is most of the time a spirit of good sportsmanship and a relaxed and a good and matured atmosphere. Each player gives the other player all the time he needs to make his stroke (make his argument) without chipping in or overpowering each other with aggressive statements or arguments. Everybody gets his turn for an argument or presenting his views. Like in golf, at the end of the match, nobody puts any pressure on anybody else to accept his point of view. Everybody rather heads for the clubhouse for a drink to cool down, many times not even discussing the game they just played. This is truly a very good way to reason about spiritual matters. There is really no pressure on anybody to accept each others views on spiritual matters or to shoot down each others views on spiritual matters.

Symbols like broken golf sticks speak of a person not willing to participate in such a long debate. A difficult stroke successfully executed speak of a difficult debate that achieved the necessary result. Remember that even golf is about winning. Even golfers wants to convince other people of a certain point of view but golfers just do not pressure anybody to accept their views. We should all be spiritual golfers when it comes to this aspect of our faith-walk in Christ.

I once saw, in a vision, the word “Broccoli” written on the side of a golf bag in green letters. This is all I saw and the meaning is quite simple. Broccoli speaks of good spiritual food full of wonderful nutrients. If that Godly food (the word of God) is conveyed in an acceptable way like golfers do, symbolized by the golf bag, it leads to spiritual blessings as symbolized by green letters.

Also see “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of this symbol.


A gorilla symbolizes a person who is directly and openly rebellious towards God, the church, spiritual matters and people in a business or work situation. Such people do not hide their motivations or actions. They are the exact opposite of sharks (hidden) in this regard. Such a person is openly and blatant rebellious in their actions.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Grain (Wheat)

When we dream of grain or wheat it speaks of the word of God being preached and proclaimed (sowed). When we sow the word of God we can expect God’s provision, because we sowed. In this sense we are like farmers. We reap what we sow just like a farmer. For this reason we can always expect spiritual blessings when we are preaching and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Spiritual blessings include the harvesting of souls but also other spiritual blessings, breakthroughs and spiritual sustenance and maintenance when it comes to our health, our relationships with God and other people and in our faith-walk in Christ.

This is however also true when it comes to finances. When we sow finances we can expect a harvest of financial blessings. We however need to put our faith actively in motion to harvest our blessings. Harvesting is the most labor-intensive activity during the growing season. Without applying faith our crop will remain on the cornfield.

Grain (Wheat crop ready for harvesting)

A wheat crop ready for harvesting speaks of the endurance of faith in the word of God. Our faithful endurance has produced a whole crop ready to be harvested. However, take note that some people do not really harvest their crop. We should always push through and gather in our crop that we worked so hard for. This sometimes speaks of people sowing but not really expecting to receive a harvest. To harvest requires active faith in order to gather it in. For this reason dreaming of a wheat crop indicates that spiritual or financial reward is coming or is already there to be harvested.

See “Grain (Wheat)”.


Grapes symbolizes the goodness of God. It is all about his wonderful blessings, spiritually and financially. When we dream of grapes it speaks of God’s promises, grace and goodness. The land Canaan with all its blessings was promised by God and it was found to be good. The grapes were particularly huge.

Grapes (Green)

Green grapes indicates that there will be a waiting period before harvesting. A waiting process is required before harvest time.

See “Grapes”.

Grapes (Ripe)

Ripe grapes symbolizes the fulfillment of the promises of God. It means that harvesting is imminent.

See “Grapes”.

Grapes (Unripe and falling off the tree)

When we dream of unripe grapes falling off a tree it symbolizes a person trusting in futile things and not in the promises of God.

See “Grapes”.


Grape-juice indicates the goodness of God or the grace of God or the promises of God.

See “Grapes”.

Grass (Green)

Grass symbolizes short-term flourishing (financially and/or spiritually) because it withers away quite easily when it is intensely warm or cold. For this reason grass speaks of seasonal prosperity and increase.

Green grass also speaks of the multiplication of the righteous.

Grass (Withered)

Withered grass speaks of the unrighteous who are fading away. Just like grass fading away and the flower of the grass drying up, fading away and falling off, so is the unrighteous. They are not like the righteous who are symbolized by evergreen willow trees planted next to a river.

Greasy objects

Greasy objects symbolizes sin and evil. It speaks of the spirit of man being contaminated with “impurities” and “dirt” caused by sin and evil deeds.


See “Colors in dreams and visions”.

Guards (Security or gate)

Gate guards or security guards or police officers symbolize watchfulness and prayer. We need to be watchful and we need to pray in order to protect our faith, the church and our lives. We always need to keep the enemy outside our gates (border posts) and off our properties (outside our borders).

Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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