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Hi everybody,

Please allow me to give you an update on the website, the Dream Interpretation Community Forum, and Revealed Word Bible College. As you all know, I have been less active on the website since January this year (2022) for quite a few reasons. Firstly, as some of you already know, I have been renovating my house since January. I am glad to announce that this project is done. Another reason is my involvement in Revealed Word Bible College. 

Dream Interpretation has always been a side project and not my primary ministry. Because of this, I have been attempting to get people involved to help me with interpretations for quite a while. I cannot interpret everybody’s dreams and I am referring to people all over the world. It is just impossible. This is why I started The Dream Interpretation Community Forum. As I already mentioned, I had to do it because apart from my own teaching ministry and courses, I am running an international online Bible College for Strategic Missions, Revealed Word Bible College. Because of this, I have very little time available to interpret dreams and visions.

I informed everybody on the forum (in one of the posts) that I will carry out some “roleplay” so that everybody can become familiar with the system and so that they lose their fears and start helping me with interpretations. Part of the roleplay was to create fictitious characters like Susan (the Moderator), Fred, David (another Moderator), and many more. This helped to get people involved and some of them did indeed start to interpret dreams. I finally succeeded to get people to shake off their fears and start to interpret dreams for other people, however, this did not last. Although these people did quite well (I was surprised by how good they were), most of them are not active anymore.

Although dream interpretation is not my primary ministry, I will keep the website running and I will try to get more involved in the future, and, the Dream Symbols Dictionary will be updated before the end of the year. However, my primary ministry (teaching the word of God, writing, and running the online Bibel College will always be my priority).

Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to appoint a full-time worker, a person who is tried and tested and mature when it comes to dream interpretation, to help me with this. I am not financially in the position to do it right now but I am already identifying people who are excellent with dream interpretation.

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I hope this brings some clarity about the website, the Dream Interpretation Community Forum, and the future. Please take note that all the courses on the website are ongoing as usual and are not affected by this update at all. I am personally still involved in all the courses.

Blessings in Christ

Basie Martins

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